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The Texas African-American Who Changed the Entertainment Industry Forever


There are over 3 million African-Americans in Texas; more than any other state in the US. That means over the years we’ve seen many incredibly talented African-Americans change the world of music and film; here are ten who represent Texas in the entertainment industry.

Debbie Allen (Houston)

Television Academy’s 26th Hall of Fame Inauguration

Getty Images

Number of Achievements in Houston Debbie Allen It’s so big it would take a long time to list everything. Best known for her Broadway debut in 1970, she won 5 Emmys, 2 Tonys, and a Golden Globe, and received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1991.she is Opened his own dance studio in Los Angeles. She is also the younger sister of Phylicia Rashad, who we will see later on this list.

Forest Whitaker (Longview)

“Final Cut (Coupez!)” and opening red carpet – 75th Festival de Cannes

Getty Images

forest whitaker The film from Longview debuted in 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High School. Since then he’s appeared in movies like good morning vietnam & black panther Winner of an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Bafta and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Jamie Foxx (Terrell)

Al Pacino Receives 35th Annual AFI Lifetime Achievement Award – Performance

AFI’s Getty Images

On behalf of Terrell Texas, jamie foxx started his acting career Lively and fragrantand pass in RaysWalter McMillan kindnesselectrical input The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He has received Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and many other achievements.

Beyoncé (Houston)

queen bee, beyonce knowles Is a proud Houston native.Beyoncé is best known for her role in Destiny’s Child and her solo career appeared in several films (Kings Power: Gold Membership & 2019 Edition lion king) and a total of 32 Grammy Awards.

Arthur (Dallas)

Women’s Power Festival and Summit Day 2 State Farm Arena Concert

Strength Of AW via Getty Images

although receptionist Raised in Atlanta, the 8-time Grammy winner was born in Dallas. He has become one of the most famous artists of the 2000s, with works such as “to confess“, “Yes!“”nice and slow“Still loved to this day.

Nelly (Austin)

Stagecoach Festival 2023 – Day 2

Getty Images for Stagecoach

The Austin native is beloved both in St. Louis and in Texas. Since 1993, Nelly Has become a highly respected name in the hip hop world; starting with St Lunatics and starting his solo career in 1999, winning 3 Grammy Awards and 9 Billboard Music Awards.He has also acted in films such as longest yard.

Phylicia Rashad (Houston)

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM – January 13, 2020

Getty Images

You know her as Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show, but the whole world knows her as “mother of the black community’. Houston’s Phylicia Rashad is also the first black actress to win the award. 2004 Tony Awardsby winning a tony for best actress in a play raisins in the sun.

Billy Preston (Houston)

George Harrison and Friends Revisit Bangladesh Concert

Getty Images

You know you’re something when you’re not only working with the Beatles, but you’re considered the 5th Beatle. He is one of the few non-Beatles musicians to receive songwriting credits; he appears on “return“&”Do not disappoint meLater, after the Beatles broke up, he collaborated with George Harrison; and with the biggest names in music: Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton.

He would pass away in 2006, but he definitely left a huge mark on the history of music we remember today.

Etta Moten Barnett (Weimar)

Born in Weimer, Texas in 1901, musician historians know Etta Morten Barnett Because she played Beth in the classic musical “Porgy and Bess.” But her life story is much more than that.

  • She was the first African American to perform for Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House,
  • She was one of the first black women to appear in Hollywood (dating back to the 30’s)
  • She is highly involved in women’s rights.

She died in 2004 at the age of 102. But she would go down as one of the most powerful women Texas has ever seen.

I know I’m leaving out other names, but I want to specifically mention Lizzo, Khalid, Barry White, Gary Clark Jr, Megan Thee Stallion and Travis Scott. All of these names and more have made the entertainment world a better place.

The 40 Best Texas-Born Musicians

Texas has always been the birthplace of various musical genres. Many musicians have become major players in rock, metal, pop, country and more. Here are some of the greatest musicians to represent Texas.


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