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Three-day weekend: After UAE, now Saudi Arabia mulls shorter work week – News

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development responded to a tweet clarifying that it was looking into the possibility of a three-day holiday

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published: Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 8:57 pm

Saudi Arabia is considering following the UAE’s implementation of a three-day weekend last year, according to local media reports.

Local media reported that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development responded in a tweet saying it was studying the current working system and the possibility of extending the weekly leave by three days.

The reply reportedly appeared on the ministry’s Twitter account, which is used to answer questions from beneficiaries. The tweet said the ministry was studying the current job system through regular reviews to increase job opportunities and make the market more attractive for local and international investment. He also explained that the draft work system has been put forward on the questionnaire survey platform for public consultation.

The UAE introduced a shorter working week on 1 January 2022, while passing a landmark reform to switch weekends from Friday to Saturday to Saturday to Sunday. The new system was rolled out across all government entities and most companies in the private sector followed suit. On Friday, the working hours are only until noon.

However, in Sharjah, a shorter four-day work week was implemented, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday forming the new weekend.

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