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Three national insurers in talks to form giant in UAE – Business – Economics and Finance


Three leading national insurers are reportedly in advanced talks to merge and form a mega-corporation that will become one of the largest insurance institutions in the UAE. The talks were supported and encouraged by government agencies, as the insurance industry plays a vital role in supporting the country’s economic development, according to people familiar with the matter.

The sources also noted that the merger would create a much-needed large national insurance agency capable of meeting the growing insurance needs of the UAE’s fast-growing economy. The companies are said to be currently undergoing a due diligence process, a key step in the merger process.

The move promises major benefits for the insurance industry and the broader economy. The merger will create a more efficient and competitive organization, better able to provide clients with a wider range of services and products. It will also help boost the country’s insurance sector by attracting more foreign investment and improving its global competitiveness.

Overall, the merger, if materialized, would transform the insurance industry in the UAE and the region and represent a major step towards achieving the country’s ambitious economic development goals.



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