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Three UAE citizens lose their lives in a car collision with a road barrier.

citizens In a heartbreaking incident on a recent Saturday, the Sharjah Police reported a fatal traffic accident that resulted in the loss of three citizens and left one individual injured.

Swift Police Response: Dispatch of Team and Ambulance

The unfortunate incident unfolded on Emirates Street in Sharjah, prompting a prompt response from law enforcement. In response to a report of the accident involving a four-wheel-drive, the police swiftly dispatched a team and an ambulance to the scene to assess the situation.

Collision Details: Vehicle vs. Barrier: citizens

Upon reaching the scene, authorities discovered that the vehicle had collided with a barrier separating the street and a lamp post. Regrettably, the collision led to the tragic loss of three lives, with one person sustaining injuries.

Investigation Findings: Excessive Speeding and Sudden Turn

A subsequent investigation delved into the factors contributing to the accident, revealing that it was primarily caused by a combination of excessive speeding and a sudden turn. In response to these findings, the Sharjah Police issued a stern warning, emphasizing the importance of responsible driving practices.

Community Caution: A Call for Responsible Driving

This unfortunate incident serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need for responsible driving practices and underscores the importance of collective efforts to enhance road safety within the community.

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