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Controversy Erupts as Dubai Real Estate Job Listing Includes Controversial Dating Strategy Requirement

In a recent job listing hosted by Naukri Gulf on behalf of a real estate company, a female real estate position in Dubai has become the center of controversy. The advertisement has drawn widespread criticism for its unusual requirement that candidates must “strategically leverage dating apps to identify and connect with potential clients.”

Unsettling Job Criteria

The ad specifically sought a woman of any nationality with “proven experience using dating apps professionally or personally.” Responsibilities outlined in the job description included tasks like “strategically utilizing dating apps to connect with potential clients” and “implementing ethical and creative approaches to introduce the company’s services within the dating app community.”

Industry Backlash: Job Listing 

Critics, especially within the real estate sector, have strongly condemned the ad as disrespectful and demeaning. Female real estate agents, in particular, expressed disapproval, with some describing the directive as “pathetic and repulsive.”

Calls for Ethical Practices

Sofia Stavrakoglou, a luxury investment portfolio manager at Elysian, emphasized the significance of ethical practices in the industry, stating, “Reputable companies with a long history on the market would never engage in such tactics.” She advised new brokers to seek opportunities with organizations prioritizing ethical and respectful methods of connecting with their target audience.

Negative Impact on Reputation

Nesrine Belaid of Dacha Real Estate voiced concerns about the negative impact of such lead generation methods on the reputation of female realtors in the market.

Social Media Backlash: Job Listing 

The controversy gained momentum as screenshots of the advertisement went viral on social media, sparking an outpouring of angry comments. In response to the public outcry, the controversial ad has been removed.

Unanswered Queries: Job Listing

Khaleej Times reached out to Naukri Gulf, which acknowledged the presence of the ad on their website but could not explain how it was initially published. Despite attempts to seek clarification through emails, there has been no response from the company. The Dubai representative directed queries to their head office in India, but as of now, no response has been received despite repeated reminders.

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