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Dear Sir/Madam,

Welcome to our news center. We are glad that you have chosen to use the repository of information about our company and its products and services. This information and content is provided by KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH, Betriebsgebiet Süd, Stallhofner Straße 3, A-5230 Mattighofen, Austria, and we would be more than happy to provide you with copies, photographs and film material for your reporting on our company. However, use of these services is conditioned upon your agreement to the following terms of use.

The following terms of use govern the use of the content offered on the Internet at https://press.ktm.com. Access to the KTM Online News Center and the functions and content it offers are only subject to the above conditions. These include regulations related to data protection. By using the services and content provided, you confirm that you have read and accept these conditions.

Services for journalists

With the Press Center you can access our press releases and press download area. Use of prepared content is free. By using our online news center, you undertake to use the content and materials provided only for your professional editorial and journalistic activities. Unless there are different agreements, photographic material, data and information are basically only available to journalists and journalists.

Right of use and purpose

Within the framework of the simple right of use, the content may only be used for the stated purpose in connection with the respective material. In principle, content can be downloaded and used free of charge within the coverage of press releases, print media articles, film and television reports, Internet, mobile phones, multimedia and other publications. Its use for any described commercial purpose or private gain is not permitted and is expressly prohibited, in particular additional use for advertising purposes.

Processing and changes may be made to the content and materials so long as they remain legible and no changes are made to the content that could result in a meaning different from that originally intended. The content may not be used in a form that distorts its meaning, alienation of the material is not permitted.

The right to use is limited to the period during which the content is available in the press center and, in terms of space, is limited to the geographical area in which our company is active. Use of content in an objectionable or illegal manner is not permitted and must cease.

transfer and copy

The transmission and/or copying of the content to third parties is not permitted unless absolutely necessary within the scope of the stated purposes. Electronic storage, data transmission and all other forms of reproduction of image data are permitted only in the course of standard production procedures and during employment for lawful and intended use. You or third parties may not use, store or download Content as part of services similar to or substituted for those provided by us.

Copyright, Personal Rights and Legal Notices

All content, as well as the design itself, are protected by copyright and individual rights, registered trademark rights and other laws relating to intellectual property.

All content contained in the Press Center, such as copies, photographs, videos, audio files, documents and other content provided in the system, is the property of our company, its licensors or the external owners who provided the content and are named in the system. When photographs, films or other images are used, our company name and verified copyright notice (if any) and/or the name of the photographer or agency should be provided. This also applies to electronic publications.

Except with premeditation and gross negligence, we do not warrant that the material provided will not infringe the rights of third parties, or violate competition laws or other laws and regulations.

Provision of Services and Content

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure the continued availability of services and functionality. However, we are not responsible for the availability of content or access to the online news center and its functionality.

The content provided is prepared without guarantee. We exclude all warranties as to the completeness, satisfactory quality and suitability of the content provided for a particular purpose. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change all content of the online news center without prior notice.

The Content may contain links to other websites. We have no control over the websites of third-party providers and are not responsible for their content or for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of using such third-party provider websites.

Data Protection and Data Processing

The personal data I fill in will be used by KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH to perform the functions of the KTM Newsroom, eg to send information about the racing series or the company.For these purposes, my data will also be transferred to subsidiaries of KTM AG (a list of all group companies can be found at here) and selected partners (see list at here). This data will be used, processed and stored in strict confidence and in compliance with Austrian and European data protection regulations. Personal data will not be marketed or sold to outside companies.

registration and access

Information used within the scope of entering the news mailing list or registering for a news login must be based on correct and up-to-date data, factual and complete. Information should be updated if necessary.

(You are obliged to keep the access data provided to you confidential and to notify you immediately if it is lost. The security of this user identity is your responsibility. You are responsible for any use of services and content provided and used by your user identity all actions until you notify us of its loss and/or presumed misuse.)

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse acceptance of newsletter mailing lists, block registration for newsletter logins, and deny access to and/or use of the services and content offered.

other conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms of use or modify them to match the service, for example in response to changes in the legal framework or our offers. Therefore, we ask that you check the Terms of Use periodically. Changes to the Terms of Use will be posted directly on the page. At the latest, changes to the Terms of Use will be published on their effective date and will not be considered retroactively dated.

Should any individual provision of these Terms of Use become invalid or have a loophole, the relevant provision will be replaced by the closest valid provision to the original. The validity of other terms remains unaffected.

The terms of use are governed by the laws of the Republic of Austria. If permitted, the place of jurisdiction shall be Salzburg.

Specimen example

We would be delighted if you would prepare a report based on what has been provided, please send a free sample of your publication to the address below or email us via the link.

KTM Sports Motorcycle Ltd.
Stallhofner Strasse 3
A-5230 Matthofen
E-mail: press@ktm.com

We trust our news service to provide the best possible support for your work and look forward to your reports.


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