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Tom Cruise to attend ‘Mission: Impossible’ Middle East premiere in Abu Dhabi


DUBAI: Actress Dina Shihabi, who is of Saudi descent, took to social media this week to promote her latest film “Fallout,” which will premiere at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival on June 11.

Directed by Stuart Gatt, this 96-minute feature features Geena, an artist and painter ready to dream big and tired of living in the desert with her controlling partner. Gina was helpless and was about to leave when a newlyweds arrived at the commune in a trailer truck from New York, eager to carve out a new life for themselves away from the city. As tensions flare and egos explode, relationships become dicey for both parties as attempts to bond leave everyone burnt out and on the brink of disaster.

Shihabi stars alongside American actress Erin Moriarty (who plays Geena) and Australian stars Jai Courtney and Ryan Corr.

Shihabi is in for a busy summer, with her latest series, Painkillers, premiering on Netflix on August 10.

The Riyadh-born actress recently took to Instagram to share stills from a series of miniseries that focus on the origins and consequences of America’s opioid epidemic.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life to be with a group of the most talented people that I will always love. Can’t wait for you guys to come and see,” she told fans.

Shihabi stars alongside American actors Matthew Broderick and Uzo Aduba and Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch.

“Painkillers” is adapted from Barry Meier’s book “Painkillers: An Empire of Deceit and the Origins of America’s Opioid Epidemic” and the New Yorker article ” The Family That Built a Pain Relief Empire” Keefe.

The series was created by American screenwriter Micah Fitzman-Bleu and actor and writer Noah Hapster, with American filmmakers Eric Newman, Peter Berg and Alex Gibb Neil served as executive producer.

Shihabi spent part of her childhood in Dubai. Her father is Ali Shihabi, a Saudi-Norwegian journalist, and her mother, Nadia, is half-Palestinian, half-German Haitian.

She immigrated to the United States in 2007 and was the first Middle Eastern-born woman to be admitted to the Juilliard School and New York University’s graduate performance programs. She started appearing in short films in 2010, but her big break came in 2017 as Hanning in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Shihabi was previously interviewed by Arab News to share her advice for budding actors.

“Look at the people around you and start making stuff. Focus, hard work, determination, enthusiasm (very important). Those are real things,” she said.

“I’m still working really hard to make things happen that I want, and I don’t think it’s ever going to end. If you choose this life, you’re choosing a life where you have to work really hard.”


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