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Top 10 Countries UAE Residents Are Relocating to in 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), where over 200 nationalities reside, is home to a very diverse population. Therefore, we see many people relocating to and from the UAE throughout the year with the help of international moving companies which make the whole relocating process hassle-free.

ServiceMarket recently analyzed all the international moving requests that came in on their platform during the first half of 2023. According to this data, the top 10 countries that have been the most popular destinations for UAE residents to relocate to have been revealed as follows.

India coming out on top is very predictable given that it houses a substantial portion of the expatriate population. The majority of individuals arrive in the UAE with aspirations for improved job prospects and a higher quality of life. Consequently, when a more favorable opportunity arises in their home country, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) often opt to return. Over the past few years, India has witnessed the establishment of numerous companies offering services internationally, particularly in the IT sector. This economic growth, coupled with a relatively low cost of living and the proximity of family, naturally positions India as the popular choice for Indian expats considering relocation. The combination of career opportunities and the comfort of being close to family make India a compelling option for Indian expats residing in the UAE.

India has always been the top destination for relocating from the UAE, followed by the UK, which is the second most popular country to move to. However, this year, the

US, traditionally a popular choice, has dropped down a few spots as the “American Dream” is gradually becoming less appealing, marking a noteworthy change in relocation preferences.

Interestingly, around 17.75% of the total relocation requests came from people moving to countries in the Middle Eastern region. Moving within the same region is an easier transition owing to the lower cost of moving and cultural similarities.

One country that has climbed quite a few spots in recent years is Saudi Arabia. It has managed to secure its place as the third most popular destination for migrating to. Given the rapid development and investment in the region, it comes as no surprise that many people are moving there. The promising prospects and evolving landscape make it a compelling choice for those considering relocation.

Canada has always been a popular country to migrate to among expats. With promises of a higher quality of life, economic stability, and a thriving multicultural society, it continues to draw people from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, Canada offers several immigration programs making the immigration process easier as compared to other countries, and hence stands out as one of the primary choices for relocating.

In conclusion

While this list remained consistent with relocation requests in recent years, a few notable differences surfaced, including the presence of several Middle Eastern countries in the top 10 and a decline in the rankings for the United States.

On the whole, the diverse range of countries on this list showcases the moving preferences of the residents which continue to evolve as the global dynamics change and economic opportunities benefitting them arise in other countries.

About ServiceMarket: 

ServiceMarket is an online marketplace helping UAE residents relocate to different countries by providing end-to-end international moving services through an extensive network of licensed international moving companies that make your relocation process easier.

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