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Turkey’s BMC Power’s domestic military engine unveiled at the UAE exhibition


Turkish defense company BMC Power showcased for the first time at an international exhibition in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) two of its domestically produced military land vehicle engines, named Tuna and Azra.

The engines, developed by companies working to reduce Turkey’s foreign dependence on power and transmission systems, are being showcased at the IDEX international defense exhibition and the NAVDEX maritime defense and maritime security event, which are held concurrently in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates ( UAE).

Mustafa Kaval, general manager of BMC Power, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that this is the first time for the company to participate in an international exhibition.

Kaval added that serial production of the 400-horsepower Tuna engine had already begun, with the first batch of 20 engines delivered.

The company plans to produce a total of 90 engines, with all deliveries expected to be completed by the end of May. The 400-horsepower engines will be used in the Vuran vehicle produced by BMC, and the company is currently working on integrating them into the Kirpi vehicle, which they hope to have by the end of the year.

Kaval also mentioned that the company plans to use the 600 hp Azra engine on the tank transporter and that they are already preparing in this direction. Since the company’s products are being used on site, they are also planning after-sales user training and maintenance training.

Kaval further highlighted the company’s efforts to improve the efficiency of its training programs by leveraging new technologies. According to Kaval, their maintenance and repair training program now incorporates augmented reality glasses that allow trained personnel to disassemble and closely inspect engine components, ultimately enabling maintenance repair crews to perform their duties more efficiently.

Kaval expressed confidence that the training program will enhance maintenance and repair of engines in the field.

BMC Power has established an integrated engine delivery logistics team. Kaval mentioned that the team has already prepared parts catalogs, user manuals and training concepts for repair crews equipped with augmented reality glasses. An augmented reality-based maintenance and repair training program is currently available for the Azra engine. The company plans to add training programs for the Tuna, Utku and Batu engine powerpacks in the near future.

Learning maintenance operations from printed materials can be a difficult and labor-intensive process. Often, after basic training, it is necessary to gain experience in the presence of experienced masters who have undergone live training. However, this traditional method is inefficient and may cause work accidents or prolong operation time.

Well-trained mid-level employees have been problematic in Turkey, so there is an increasing need for technicians to be trained in a real virtual environment.

To meet this need, technology company BITES has developed an augmented reality-based maintenance support system that keeps the skill and awareness of maintenance personnel at the highest level, ensuring that repairs are correct the first time.

The system utilizes augmented reality to overcome technical and operational difficulties in detecting and eliminating faults. Maintenance personnel can use augmented reality glasses to perform many training scenarios that closely resemble real life.

The system generates holographic content, including text, drawings, 3D part models, etc., and guides the responsible personnel to complete the maintenance/assembly scene step by step in real time. Humans can view the hardware and its components in 3D from different angles, enabling them to follow instructions to complete tasks efficiently and accurately.

BITES recently made the system available to different models of security forces. With an augmented reality-based maintenance support system, maintenance personnel can be trained in a realistic virtual environment, improving their skills and increasing operational efficiency.

With an augmented reality-based virtual maintenance system, engines developed by BMC Power will always be high performing and ready to call.


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