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UAE allows tourists to extend visa validity by 60 days

UAE allows tourists to extend visa validity by 60 days

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has announced the launch of a new service that allows tourists to extend the validity of all types of visas issued to them by 60 days. This service is provided only once and can only be done prior to entering the country.

The fee for extending visa validity is AED 200. This includes AED 100 for smart services, AED 50 for application forms and AED 50 for authorities and e-services for visitors.

Extension of visa validity;

1. The applicant’s passport must be valid for more than three months.

2. The applicant must not be in the UAE to obtain an entry permit

3. Applicants can go through the Federal Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security Service (ICP) website (icp.gov.ae) and its smart applications.

4. A confirmation email for visa extension will be sent to the registered ID.

5. If data in an application is found to be missing or incomplete, the application will be rejected electronically after 30 days of return if the applicant has not completed the required details within this period.

If rejected, the visa validity extension fee is refundable. Fees are refundable no later than six months from the date of submission of the application.

Kenyan citizens require a visa to travel to the UAE. From September 2022, Kenyan UAE visit visas are extended for at least six months.

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