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UAE and Nepal beat Kuwait


The United Arab Emirates and Nepal beat Malaysia and Singapore respectively, while Hong Kong narrowly beat Kuwait by one goal on the opening day of their Asian qualifiers for the 2023 Under-19 Cricket World Cup in the UAE.

The UAE’s uncompromising seven-wicket victory over Malaysia showed their strength in the bowling and batting divisions. They limited Malaysia to 121 off 43 balls with excellent bowling led by Man of the Match Ammar Badami (2 off 25) and were helped by Harit Harish Shetty (18 off 18) 2 balls), Aayan Afzal Khan (2 for 19), Dhruv Parashar (2 for 23) and Harshit Seth (2 for 21). The Emirates then won by seven wickets in 17.2 overs, with Aryan Saxena 48 for six boundaries and a six-run ball, and his opening partner Aryansh Sharma for nine boundaries in 29 balls And 6 boundaries scored 47 points.

But the most exciting game of the day was between Hong Kong and Kuwait. Although Kuwait’s captain Jude Christopher Saldhana took 89 off 95 balls from 11 boundaries as Kuwait scored an impressive 212 runs in 49 overs, Hong Kong chased in a final thriller. on target. The hero of the match was Hong Kong’s Muhammad Mudasa Khan, who carried the team on his shoulders with a steadfast unbeaten run of 62 off 79 balls and eight boundaries.

Nepal also beat Singapore with an impressive 96 points. Batting first, Nepal was 7 for 261 from 50 overs, while Aakash Tripathi had seven boundaries and a six for 100 off 78. Bishal Bikram then topped the tally with an unbeaten 63 off 54 balls, a four-wicket line and two sixes. Chasing the target, Singapore managed only 165 off 50 balls despite Aaryan Modi’s 58 off 100 balls with two boundaries and Sidhanth Srikanth’s 44 off 80 balls with one boundary and six balls. Ball 7 balls.

UAE’s strong seven-wicket win over Malaysia

Malaysia won the toss and opted to bat for 2 at the Malek Cricket Ground. UAE’s starting bowler Harris Shetty hit the first bat in the fourth innings, beating opener Sidharth Karthik Rajaratnam over the leg, before taking seven for nine. Harith batted again after Muhammad Hairil for Harisan and a ball off Muhammad Akram Abdul Malik to bring the score to 22, and in the eighth innings he allowed Harithan to be overtaken by Aryan for eight. . With 44 runs, captain Ayan Afzal allowed Malek to be overtaken by goalkeeper Aryansh for 11.

Muhammad Aalif Shamsul Bahrin started well with Siddharth Neelakantan and they took it to 65 in 22.1 overs when Harshit Seth scored Neelakantan for 3 overs. Bahrin was also scored 32 by Harshit at 32. In the 32nd round, Ammar Badami hit twice in a row. He allowed Mohammad Hariz Afnan Sulhie to be caught by Aryan for 10 and on the next ball he knocked down Muhammad Aiman ​​Ridzuan’s duck cleanly.

UAE beat Malaysia by seven wickets

UAE beat Malaysia by seven wickets

Shivnarin Rahul Rajatnam and Muhammad Syahi Syamael fought hard to get the score over 100, but at 111, Shivnarin struck out to allow Dhruv Parashar to be caught by Harshit for 11. Dhruv also allowed Muhammad Syahi Syamael to catch and throw for 19 runs. Malaysia’s innings ended at 42.6 when Mohammad Faiz Fitri Yusuoff was caught with a duck by Dhruv for Aayan Afzal’s second wicket.

Chasing modest totals, the UAE’s opening duo of Aryan Saxena and Aryansh Sharma hit just 11.2 for 94. Shivnarin Rahul Rajatnam ended the partnership by allowing Aryansh Sharma to catch and throw 47 pitches. His strikes came from 29 balls with nine boundaries and six. Dhruv Parashar joined Aryan Saxena and the score rose to 110 when Aryan Saxena ran to Shivnarin Rahul Rajatnam, overtaken by Siddharth for 48 overs. Dhruv Parashar also fell after six overs, caught by Mohammad Hariz Afnan for 14 off Muhammad Syahir Syamael. Aayan captain Afzal hit the winning boundary and is unbeaten in 5 matches while Ethan Carl is unbeaten in 2 matches.

Commenting on his team’s first match win, Aayan Afzal said: “It’s been a great start. It feels good to captain the team on the big stage. Our aim is to win the rest of the games as well and get into the World Cup. We The goal is to continue to win all the games like today.”

Ammar Badami, who was named player of the game on 2-of-25 shooting, said: “It feels great to win man of the game on my debut. It’s a A bit of a slow wicket, but I was pitching on the spot and that helped me get those wickets.”

Brief score:
UAE U19 BT Malaysia U19 7 weeks. UAE 122 for 17.2 from 3 balls (Aryan Saxena 48, Aryansh Sharma 47, Shivnarine Rahul Rajatnam 2 for 16 balls)

Player of the match: Amar Badami

Hong Kong beats Kuwait

Kuwait won the toss and opted to bat at Malek Ground 1. They lost their first wicket at 24 when opener Het Kishorebhai Hinsu was five runs off Daniel Morgan by Aryan. One drop Saud Mohammad Sadath and skipper Saldhana scored 93 in 17.1 overs when Sadath was caught by Parth for 37 off Ahan Trivedi. The duo made it to 69 for the second wicket.

Saldhana quickened his runs for the shot and, with Jay Maheshkumar Mehta, they added 56 runs for the third wicket. Mohammad Aliyaan then had Jay Maheshkumar Mehta caught by Darsh to end the partnership. With the last ball over, Aliyaan allowed Gautham Mohandas Poolakkal to be caught with a duck by wicketkeeper Ansh Rupesh. Ethan Sanjay Cherian was also caught for 2 runs from Aliyaan by Daniel Morgan at the end of 35 hours. Jude Christopher Salhana’s superb strike ended before Shiv Mathur had him trapped in the lap for 89.

Hong Kong thrills to beat Kuwait by one wicket

Hong Kong thrills to beat Kuwait by one wicket

In the 40th over, Shiv Mathur allowed Arsh Sahil Kazmi to catch a duck by Ahan. Henry Thomas joined Yusuf Sadiq Basha to pull it to 212 and Daniel Morgan was overtaken by Mohammad Mudaza for 18. On the next ball, Morgan also allowed Talha Hassan to be caught and dropped a duck. Singapore were knocked out for 212 in 48.6 overs when Morgan opted for his fourth wicket by allowing Janath Jeewanga Herath Liyange to be ducked by Abdul Samad. Yusuf Sadiq Basha remains unbeaten in 32 off 43 balls.

After all, Hong Kong got off to a bad start. They lost opener Ansh Rupesh Doshi’s trapped leg ahead of Talha Hassan. Opener Jayden Botfield was trailed by wicketkeeper Het Kishorebhai at Talha Hassan 3. Shiv Mathur and Parth Bhagwat fought back and built a 45-run partnership for the third wicket. Gautam Mohandas scored a breakthrough and Parth Bhagwat was caught for 27 by Ethan Sanjay. Shiv Mathur was also knocked out by Gautam Mohandas 29. Zahir 5.

Six wickets for 102 and Kuwait made the kill. Henry Thomas had skipper Arhan Trivedi trap his leg before 14. Strong resistance followed by Aryan Chandi Ramani and Muhammad Mudasa Khan. They took it to 155 when Aryan Chandiramani was overtaken by Het Kishorebhai for 11 near Yusuf Sadiq Basha.

Muhammad Mudassar Khan, however, kept his lead on the scoreboard with Daniel Morgan Mapp, opting for a double and a single. In the last ten rounds, Hong Kong needs 33 runs and has two wickets on hand. Mudassar reached his half century in 66 balls.

The game turned emotional as the duo battled hard to score 18 points in their last five games. At 201 off, Daniel Morgan was bowled for 10 by Saudi Mohammad when 12 were needed. He has hit 46 for Mudasa’s ninth wicket. 9 innings in 2 rounds, 5 innings in the last 1 inning, which tested the nerves of young players. Talha’s first pass hit two wingers and the second was smacked out of bounds by Mudsassar for a thrilling victory.

Hong Kong skipper Ahan Trivedi hailed Mudassar’s strike, saying: “It was Mudassar’s one-man spectacle that got us to victory. It was so unbreakable that all we could do was watch his knocking lead. We’re going to win. It’s great to get off to a winning start.”

Mudasar, who was named the best player of the game, said: “It was a great batting goal. I am very happy that I led the team to victory. I didn’t feel any pressure because I believed that I could play for my goal. The team did that. I’m glad we got a great win.”

Brief score:

Hong Kong U19 bt Kuwait U19 1 wkt. Kuwait 212 49 (Jude Christopher Saldhana 89, Saud Mohamed Sadath 37, Jay Maheshkumar Mehta 21, Yusuf Sadiq Basha 32n.o, Daniel Morgan Mapp 4 35, Mohammad Aliyaan Zahir 3 16, Shiv Mathur 2 44) 214 9 49.1 points (Shiv Mathur 29, Parth Bhagwat 27, Muhammad Mudassar Khan 62n.o, Talha Hassan 2 points 31 points)
Man of the Match: Mohammad Mudasa Khan

Nepal beats Singapore

Nepal won the toss and opted to bat at the Eden Oval. Opener Deepak Bohara was caught early by Aaryan from Adwitya Bhargava for five, five. Arjun Kumal and Aakash Tirpathi built a partnership of 93 for the second wicket before Arjun was bowled clean by Mahiyu Bhatia for 37. Another partnership followed after Aakash Tirpathi struck 78 and the third wicket ran for 37, caught by Adwitya near Abhuday Chhajer. Skipper Dev Khanal hit 21 before getting caught in the leg by Abhuday Chhajer.

Bishal Bikram then took charge and started shooting. He was backed up by other batsmen to add to the total. Dipak Bohra ran for 17 before being beaten by Aryaveer Chaudhary. Dipak Prasad Dumre and Bikram put the score above 200 at 218 with Dipak Prasad 10 out. Subash Bhandari led the total over 250 runs with an unbeaten 12 overs, although Milan Bohara was caught by Rahil for four near Aryaveer. In the end, Nepal took an impressive 261 off seven balls in 50 overs.

Nepal beat Singapore by 96 points

Nepal beat Singapore by 96 points

Chasing huge totals, Singapore lost their opener Rahil Khan to a duck by Aakash from Hemant Dhami after he made ten deliveries. Opener Arjun Napal was eliminated with 14 runs. In the 14th inning, Mahiyu was overtaken by Hemant near Subash for 3 runs. After three rounds, Abhuday Chhajer had to retire with an injury at 14 points.

Sidhanth Srikanth and Aaryan Modi fought hard to bring the score to 123 with 41.4 overs before Srikanth was caught for 44 off Subash Bhandari by Milan. His batting came from 80 balls with just one boundary and one six. Four runs after this dismissal, Pratham Somani was caught for 2 off Bishal Bikram by Dev. At 158, Hemant Dhami beat Pranav Nitin Maheshwari by seven.

Aaryan Modi had a 58 with just two balls remaining in the game. In the end, they mustered just 165 on seven of their 50 pitches.

Brief score:

Nepal Under -19 bt Singapore Under 96 points. Nepal took 261 off 7 balls in 50 overs (Arjun Kumal 37, Aakash Tirpathi 78, Dev Khannal 21, Bishal Bikram 63n.o, Aryaveer Chaudhary 53 for 2, Abhuday Chhajer 2 for 63). Singapore 50 balls 7 balls 165 balls (Sidhanth Srikanth 44 balls, Aaryan Modi 58 balls, Hemant Dhami 2 balls 27 balls, Subash Bhandari 2 balls 29 balls)
Player of the match: Akashtirpati


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