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UAE: Doctor Performs 100+ Robot-Assisted Surgeries in Abu Dhabi Hospital

UK’s Dr. Jonathan Conroy Key in Abu Dhabi Hospital’s 100 Robotic Surgeries Milestone. Jonathan Conroy, based in the UK, has played a pivotal role in Abu Dhabi’s Healthpoint hospital achieving a landmark of conducting over 100 robotic surgeries on a diverse range of patients, spanning teenagers to 84-year-olds.

Around a year ago, Dr. Conroy, a prominent figure in the orthopedic robotic surgery field, introduced the cutting-edge ‘Mako’ robotic arm by Stryker to Healthpoint.

This technology, utilized for total and partial knee, patellofemoral, and hip replacements, promises heightened accuracy, superior outcomes, swifter recovery, and reduced patient discomfort compared to traditional methods.

Dr. Conroy specializes in robotic-assisted hip and knee surgery, encompassing procedures like arthroscopic hip surgery and standard joint replacements. “I’m particularly drawn to robotic surgery.

The introduction of robotics has led, in my experience, to speedier patient recovery, early discharge, and diminished reliance on pain medications,” highlighted Dr. Conroy, an orthopedic surgeon at Healthpoint, affiliated with M42.

The orthopedic robotic arm-assisted surgery technique empowers surgeons with precise joint replacement preparation. Following a patient’s CT scan, digital technology generates a 3D model, providing a comprehensive view on a computer screen.

This innovative tool enables surgeons to visualize and predict the functional movement of the joint, aiding in planning the optimal surgical approach.

The first patient treated with this technology had intricate knee issues. “We managed that seamlessly with the robotic system. Something intricate for a surgeon to calculate in real-time surgery.

It was a challenging case for achieving accurate alignment. The robot enabled precise and accurate cuts, rectifying the misshapen knee alignment.

We’ve observed remarkable outcomes with this system,” detailed Dr. Conroy, noting the groundbreaking impact.

Omar Al Naqbi, Healthpoint’s executive director, hailed robotic arm-assisted surgery as a transformative achievement.

“Healthpoint will consistently explore emerging technologies that enhance the overall patient experience. This milestone marks our ongoing pursuit of excellence in patient care and the delivery of world-class healthcare.”

In addition to local patients, the hospital treated international cases from the US, Kuwait, and Egypt. Ranging from a 15-year-old undergoing hip replacement to an 84-year-old receiving knee replacement, these surgeries aided patients with developmental deformities or complex injuries. Recovery times varied but were generally expedited, often allowing patients to return to work within six weeks.

Dr. Hasan Elias Baydoun, head of Healthpoint’s orthopedic department, noted positive feedback from patients post-surgery. “We’ve witnessed patients undergoing robotic surgery being discharged on the same day.”

Dr. Conroy anticipates a captivating future in healthcare, driven by advancements in robotic surgery and artificial intelligence.

“This represents the latest in technology. It ensures our residents receive top-tier healthcare and positions us competitively to attract international patients seeking optimal care. I foresee tremendous changes in surgical approaches over the next 5-10 years,” Dr. Conroy concluded.

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