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UAE fined Dh1,000: Camera captures shocking multi-vehicle crash after motorist pulls over on Abu Dhabi highway – News


The incident also documents other traffic offenses that carry hefty fines

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published: Friday, July 7, 2023 at 6:16 pm

Last updated: Friday, July 7, 2023 at 11:38 pm

Abu Dhabi Police issued a new warning to motorists on Friday: Do not park your car in the middle of the road for whatever reason. As a horrific video of a crash shows, it’s a serious traffic violation that can put people’s lives at risk.

In a 33-second video shared by police, a white pickup truck can be seen driving slowly down the road before coming to a stop in the middle.

When it switched on its hazard lights, the sudden stop caught several drivers off guard. The two sedans narrowly missed hitting the pickup truck, but it appears they hit the brakes just in time.

However, seconds later, an oncoming vehicle rushed towards the cars, unaware that the road was blocked. It hit a third car and, as it bounced away, hit an SUV on the right.

The other vehicle lost control and nearly caused another collision on the left.

The scene was chaotic. The accident happened like this:

Abu Dhabi Police stressed that drivers should not park their cars in the middle of the road even during emergencies or troubles. To be safe, it is imperative to proceed to the nearest exit.

Police added: “If they are unable to move the vehicle, please contact the 999 control center (operating room) immediately to request the necessary support.”

To help curb accidents, motorists should also maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and avoid any form of distraction while driving, especially mobile phones, police said.


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