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UAE: G42 named 2nd Best Employer Brand by LinkedIn Middle East – News

The award recognizes G42’s ability to share content that engages with online audiences and showcase job opportunities

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published: Friday, March 17, 2023 at 9:42 pm

G42, the UAE-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology holding company, has been named the second ‘Best Employer Brand’ by LinkedIn Middle East, taking the position of more than 500 companies.

The award recognizes G42’s ability to share content that engages with online audiences, showcase job opportunities at the cutting edge of technology, and drive meaningful conversation around topics important to the community. Through commentary on industry trends and knowledge-sharing initiatives, G42 connects with its community of over 150,000 followers and establishes itself as a thought leader in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital transformation across industries.

To select the winners, LinkedIn’s data and insights team analyzed the performance, outcomes and impact of organizations utilizing its LinkedIn talent solutions. Selection criteria include:

– Companies that have built a strong employer brand and engaged with their audience in a meaningful way

– company page views on the platform

– Percentage of follower growth on the platform

– How talent engages with company content through likes, comments, and shares

Maymee Kurian, Group Chief Human Capital and Culture Officer, G42, said: “LinkedIn is an invaluable platform for our Talent Acquisition team, connecting potential employees to exciting career opportunities within the Group. We use this platform to showcase our company culture, which is critical to attracting and retaining talent who are passionate about the industry and share our vision of creating a better everyday life. Receiving this award is a proud moment for us because We strive to create a workplace that puts our people at the heart of it. This recognition reminds us that our efforts to create a great workplace are working and inspires us to continue our drive to be the best employer we can be.”

Giacomo Ziani, Group Corporate Marketing and Communications Senior Director, said: “We have grown our LinkedIn page organically in a very short period of time, primarily by building a strong brand presence on the platform and constantly sharing insights that provide us with insights into industry trends. Viewpoint content and news, as well as showcasing the amazing people who work behind the scenes to help us accomplish our mission. I’m delighted that G42’s efforts in brand positioning, content strategy, and audience engagement have been recognized by LinkedIn and look forward to continuing to use the platform to connect with Make meaningful connections with professionals, potential talent and thought leaders from around the world.”

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