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World News | Annual religious event in Bhutan’s Dagana to go meatless


A representative image of the Tshechu festival in Bhutan. (Photo/Twitter: @ruchirakamboj)

those days [Bhutan], March 17 (ANI): From here on, the Dagana district will not be allowed to serve meat, including eggs, during the annual Tshechu and other religious events of the gewog lhakhangs. The recently concluded Dzongkhag Tshogdu decided to serve only vegetarian food on the menu at such events. According to Bhutan Live, local leaders said that serving meat during religious activities is not in line with religious beliefs.

Hold Gup, Bal Bdr. The motion was brought by Rana who is also the chairman of Dagana Dzongkhag Tshogdu.

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As a result, leaders elsewhere supported the move. Offering meat at the annual Tshechu and other routine ceremonies held at gewog lhakhangs has become an expensive affair for governments and individual organizers, some members said.

“A few months ago, I was a procurement officer during my time at Dagapela Tshechu. I only spent about 50,000 Nu on meat despite being strictly controlled. I spent another 25,000 Nu on alcohol. So if we can ban meat Well drink during the annual Tshechu and ceremony because Tshechu is all about religion,” said Mani Kumar Ghishing of Gesarling Gup.

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“Firstly, serving vegetables during the annual Jiechu festival and puja helps low-income families to conduct any religious activities. Second, dancing mask dances during the annual Jiechu festival teaches devotees what to do to accumulate merit. , what should not be done to avoid sin. But if we cannot avoid eating meat during Tshechu, then it is useless to witness Tshechu,” said Chador of Kana Gup.

“In my Gewog, we tried to limit the use of meat items during Tshechu, but so far we couldn’t. But I heard that some chiwog in other gewog have stopped using meat during religious events. So, I Support the motion,” said Sangai Wangmu and Guo Zhige Wo Mangmi.

According to Bhutan Live, the restriction will come into effect after Dzongkhag Tshogdu’s resolution passes the relevant office.

Barr Bdr. “The lhakhang is where we accumulate merit and seek blessings. But eating meat and drinking alcohol during the annual Tshechu and lhakhangs is not a good example, it is also a sinful act,” said Rana.

The Dagana district hosts the three annual Tshechu of Daga Dzong, Dagapela and LhamoiDzingkha Dungkhag. Likewise, the chiwogs of all 14 gewogs perform routine ceremonies on auspicious days. (Arnie)

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