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UAE Golden Visa with Potential Automatic Approval , Unlock You Seamless Success

UAE Golden Visa Opportunities Automatically

Property owners with a portfolio valued at Dh2 million or more may soon find themselves recipients of UAE Golden Visas, all without the hassle of submitting an application. As revealed by officials at the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship Customs & Port Security (ICP) during the UAE Innovates exhibition, eligible individuals will enjoy a streamlined process directly linked to the immigration system.

UAE Golden Visa with Potential Automatic Approval
UAE Golden Visa with Potential Automatic Approval

Announced during the exhibition, a spokesperson elaborated on the forthcoming process, stating, “Residents possessing property worth Dh2 million or more in the UAE will no longer need to formally apply for a Golden Visa.” She explained that the land departments across emirates would be seamlessly integrated with the ICP portal. Consequently, during visa renewal procedures, the property value of residents would be automatically verified. Those meeting the requisite criteria would then be granted Golden Visas without the need for additional applications.

Initially introduced in 2018, Golden Visas were exclusive to residents recognized for their exceptional contributions to the UAE. However, the eligibility spectrum has since expanded to encompass property owners, investors, frontline workers, and high-achieving students, among others.

In a recent move to further facilitate property owners, the UAE government eliminated the mandatory down payment requirement of Dh1 million. Real estate experts disclosed that individuals owning properties exceeding Dh2 million could now pursue long-term visas, even if they opt for payment plans or mortgages.

This initiative, slated for rollout in the current year, promises swift access to Golden Visas. “It will come into effect very shortly, enabling individuals to approach immigration directly for visa issuance,” affirmed the spokesperson.

The popularity of Golden Visas among UAE residents has soared since their inception. Offering a decade-long validity, the visa allows holders to sponsor residence permits for family members, including spouses and children. Notably, the age limit for sponsoring sons has been extended to 25 years, while unmarried daughters face no age restrictions. Additionally, there are no constraints on sponsoring domestic workers, and the Golden Residence remains valid without limitations on the duration of stay outside the UAE.

Recent trends indicate a burgeoning interest among European investors, with many investing in Dubai real estate solely to secure Golden Visas. Data from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) – Dubai revealed a notable 52 per cent increase in Golden Visas issued during the first half of 2023 compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year.

The UAE Innovates exhibition, held at Emirates Towers boulevard, served as a platform for various government agencies to showcase their innovative projects. This event marked the culmination of a month-long endeavor involving government bodies, private enterprises, and individuals dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation.

Established in 2015, UAE Innovates has evolved into an annual flagship event, celebrating and promoting innovation across the nation. Aligned with the advanced national innovation strategy, the event includes the presentation of yearly awards recognizing innovative individuals and organizations in the UAE. The winners for this year will be announced by the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRGI) later this week.

As the nation eagerly anticipates the implementation of this streamlined visa process, the UAE Innovates exhibition stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to innovation and progress. Held at the prestigious Emirates Towers boulevard, the event served as a convergence point for government agencies, showcasing their cutting-edge projects and initiatives.

Since its inception in 2015, UAE Innovates has grown into a pivotal annual event, fostering a culture of innovation and supporting the advancement of the national innovation strategy. Notably, the event has evolved to include the recognition of innovative individuals and organizations through yearly awards, administered by the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRGI).

This year’s exhibition marks the culmination of a month-long collaborative effort involving government entities, private sector stakeholders, and individuals passionate about driving innovation forward. Through a series of engaging displays and interactive presentations, participants had the opportunity to explore groundbreaking innovations across various sectors, ranging from technology and healthcare to sustainability and urban development.

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