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UAE hosts 34th International Biology Olympiad


The Ministry of Education and the University of the United Arab Emirates complete final preparations for the opening ceremony in Al Ain on July 3

United Arab Emirates: The Ministry of Education has announced that final preparations are complete for the country to host the 34th International Biology Olympiad, which will be held at the UAE University in Al Ain from July 2-10, with wide international participation. The number of participants in the Olympiad was 320 students from 80 countries and 300 judges. Students competing in the Olympiad will take four lab tests and two theory tests. The Olympiad will help discover talented students in the field of biology from around the world and enable them to develop international scientific research partnerships within the scientific community. It will also help develop and empower future leaders in the life sciences.

The announcement was made at a press conference held by the Ministry of Education at the UAE University in Al Ain in the presence of Dr Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, President of the 34th International Biology Olympiad and Assistant Undersecretary for Nursing and Competence. Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Deputy Vice-President, Construction Sector, Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, UAE Universities.

His Excellency Dr. Amna Dahak Al Shamsi, in his speech at the press conference, affirmed the UAE’s prestigious international status as it has demonstrated its merits and exceptional capabilities in staging important international events with outstanding success , noting that the UAE has a great reputation under the guidance and support of the UAE. Backed by wise leadership, the country has attracted the most important international events due to the international trust it has earned and its excellent organizational skills, which enabled it to host the Games. The hosting of this Olympic Games is in line with the country’s strategic direction and aims to promote science, scientific research and innovation in various fields, attract and retain global talents, and enhance the country’s leading global competitive position.
Dr Al Shamsi said that the UAE is complementary to the UAE by hosting this prestigious Biology Olympiad, the most important international competition in the field of biology and a platform to attract the best student talent in the field from around the world. An honorable record of achievement, especially considering that this is the first time such an event has been held in an Arab country with such a positive momentum of participation. It is also worth noting that this is the second World Olympiad hosted by the UAE, as the UAE hosted the Youth Science Olympiad in December 2021, the first time in a mixed format, to unprecedented success.
Al Shamsi said that there was intense organizational work with the UAE University in the early stage, as well as preparations for media, IT and logistical services.

Some 200 graduate students and university professors were trained to prepare, support, conduct and manage the theoretical and practical tests of the Games, and 200 volunteers were trained to provide the organizational support necessary for the success of the Games. This voluntary participation reflects the authenticity of UAE society and its belief in the importance of community engagement and commitment to serving the UAE.

Dr. Al Shamsi added that an educational session will be organized during the Olympiad, focusing on promoting the concept of “green education” and strategies to prepare future generations to cope with climate change.

Professor Dr Ahmed Murad, Vice Provost for Research at UAE University, explained: “We appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Education and its strategic role in having the UAE host the 34th International Biology Olympiad, which will help strengthen the The international reputation and global status of the United Arab Emirates, we also value choosing the United Arab Emirates University as an academic and strategic partner. The University aspires to be a comprehensive research institution and we are working together through this goal to teach science and technology to future generations knowledge to preserve this heritage, which includes all concepts of sustainable development, scientific concepts and youth empowerment. Today, this Olympiad is an important opportunity for United Arab Emirates universities to build international partnerships, attract talented students and the UAE Outstanding students within the education system. We are also committed to enhancing national talent in line with the UAE’s National Strategic Agenda and our academic strategy and enhancing our global reputation by delivering research that helps in development. Today, we As an educational institution, it is a strategic partner of the Ministry of Education to realize this vision.

Dr Murad noted: “Integration and teamwork are very important to achieve our ambitious vision and today UAE University, through its strategic partnerships, will strive to provide all support to ensure the international success of this Games, the scientific team and various organizational teams have worked around the clock to produce this edition, which reflects the image of the UAE and the Ministry of Education, and reflects the status of the United Arab Emirates University as an academic institution, preparing a generation of scholars who can continue to strive for excellence and achieve leadership in the future Fifty years requires us to have the capacity and the talent of our students to help the United Arab Emirates achieve something different and unique.

Professor Dr Ahmed Murad added: “We at the UAE University (UAEU) have excellent infrastructure and more than 140 scientific laboratories in all fields and disciplines, in addition to supporting these laboratories to provide A research center of excellence for high-quality scientific, educational and research output.” We wish the participating students from all over the world, students from the UAE and the scientific, academic and organizational committees every success.

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