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UAE Institute of Technology Innovation Launches Open Source ‘Falcon 40B’


Call for Proposals; Global Research Community, SME Entrepreneurs Invited to Leverage Falcon LLM for Artificial Intelligence Use Cases Specific Use Case Proposal Receives ‘Training Computing Capabilities’ as Investment, TII Offers Commercialization Opportunities Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (ANTARA/Business Wire ) – The Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a leading global scientific research center and the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), today announced the UAE’s first large-scale AI model, now open-sourced for research and commercial use use. This pioneering initiative demonstrates Abu Dhabi’s commitment to fostering cross-sectoral collaboration and advancing the advancement of generative artificial intelligence.
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Falcon is an underlying large language model (LLM) with 40 billion parameters, trained on 1 trillion tokens, providing researchers and small and medium enterprise (SME) innovators unprecedented access. TII is providing access to model weights as a more comprehensive open-source package with the goal of allowing access to powerful LLM capabilities, increasing transparency and accountability, and supporting innovation and research in the field.
In the current AI ecosystem, developers find LLMs that provide access to model weights more attractive because they provide enhanced fine-tuning capabilities compared to LLMs that do not provide model weights. While most LLMs only grant exclusive licenses to non-commercial users, TII has taken a key step in providing researchers and commercial users access to the Falcon 40B LLM.
In conjunction with the release of Falcon 40B as an open-source model, TII has launched a Call for Proposals, inviting scientists, researchers and visionaries interested in harnessing the potential of the underlying model. We encourage them to contribute their innovative ideas and use the model to build inspiring use cases or explore more possibilities of its application to cover engineering, healthcare, sustainability, coding and more.
As a reward for outstanding research proposals, selected projects will receive “training computing power” as an investment, enabling innovators to harness powerful computing resources to accelerate data analysis, complex modeling and new discoveries. This support will nurture and accelerate the development of new ideas, providing the necessary resources to transform them into impactful AI solutions with commercial viability and societal benefit.
VentureOne, ATRC’s commercialization arm, will facilitate computing capacity to produce the most innovative solutions.
“Open-sourcing the Falcon 40B is a major milestone in our commitment to foster AI innovation,” said HEFaisal Al Bannai, Secretary General of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC). “We are disrupting LLM access and enabling researchers and entrepreneurs to come up with the best Innovative use cases. We will further support these submissions with computing power through VentureOne, helping to advance a thriving research ecosystem.”
The Falcon debuted in March 2023, demonstrating exceptional performance and underscoring the UAE’s commitment to technological advancement. Based on Stanford University’s HELM LLM benchmark tool, the Falcon 40B outperforms its well-known counterparts in using significantly less computing power for training. The tool accounts for just 75 percent of the training computation for OpenAI’s GPT-3, 40 percent for DeepMind’s Chinchilla AI, and 80 percent for Google’s PaLM-62B, demonstrating TII’s commitment to advancing generative AI.
Dr. Ray O. Johnson, CEO of TII, said: “Computing power plays a key role in accelerating the training of AI systems and enabling faster implementation of use cases. As a new fuel to drive technological innovation, providing such support will be a game changer. , empowering innovators and enabling them to push the boundaries of their projects and make significant progress.”
The Falcon 40B is a breakthrough led by TII’s Artificial Intelligence and Digital Science Research Center (AIDRC). The same team also launched NOOR, the world’s largest Arabic NLP model last year, and is expected to develop and release the Falcon 180B soon.
“The Falcon 40B, 7.5B and 1.3B parametric AI models and the open-source release of our high-quality REFINEDWEB dataset exemplify the far-reaching scientific contributions of TII. UAE. With each breakthrough , we will all challenge limitations, reshape the realm of possibility, and pave the way for collaborative efforts with transformative impact.”
The UAE recently rose five places to rank first in the United Nations’ Frontier Technology Readiness Index 2023, ranking 37th out of 166 countries. UAE’s eligibility as a mainstream AI player.
If you are interested in accessing the Falcon AI model or submitting a use case call proposal, we invite you to visit FalconLLM.TII.ae. The hitherto open source Falcon LLM will be made available under a license based on the principles of open source Apache 2.0 software, allowing broad free use.
*Source: AETOS Wire

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Senior Director of Communications Jennifer Dewan can be reached at jennifer.dewan@tii.ae.

Source: Academy of Science and Technology Innovation

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