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UAE joins 64th WIPO General Assembly meeting in Geneva, highlights its efforts to promote intellectual property


Abu Dhabi: The UAE participated in the 64th series of meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) held in Geneva, Switzerland from 6-14 July.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Maeeni, Secretary General of the Emirates Intellectual Property Association, said: “Thanks to the guidance and vision of its wise leadership, the UAE has managed to develop a highly inspiring intellectual property (IP) ecosystem characterized by innovation and Patenting activities, in line with international best practices. It provides all the enablers and supporting facilities for the development, innovation and R&D of knowledge-based enterprises.”

His Excellency Al Maeeni added: “The UAE’s pioneering legislative system ensures comprehensive protection of the intellectual property rights of the country’s creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. In addition to the enactment of new laws, a series of economic policies and legislation have been enacted, Including Industrial Property, Trademark and Intellectual Property etc. “Copyright and Neighboring Rights updated. Today, our IP ecosystem plays a key role in the UAE’s transition to a new economic model based on flexibility and sustainability. “

He said: “In addition to enacting strong legislation, the UAE has strengthened regional and international partnerships to protect intellectual property and foster the creative and cultural sector, keeping pace with the latest global developments in this regard. To this end, over the past few years, The country is a party to three international conventions and treaties: the Budapest Treaty, the Strasbourg Agreement and the Madrid International Trademark System.”

“The country’s accelerated efforts to strengthen intellectual property legislation and accession to different international treaties has enabled the UAE to make significant progress in terms of intellectual property and talent attraction. For example, the country’s ranking in the Global Prosperity Report 2023’s Talent Attractiveness index Ranked No. 1 globally. The UAE is also a leader in innovation and intellectual property performance indicators at Arab and regional levels, ranking high in several indices such as the Global Prosperity Report. Innovation Index. These developments stimulate new inventions, innovations, scientific research and technology, thereby enhancing the country’s attractiveness for foreign investment and talent and the competitiveness of the UAE economy.”

His Excellency Al Maeeni thanked the WIPO General Secretariat for its efforts in organizing the 64th meeting series, which served as an important platform for learning about regional and global IP protection experiences. He commended its fruitful and continuous efforts in promoting the exchange of information, experience and knowledge among member states to strengthen intellectual property protection. He stressed that the UAE values ​​the organization’s efforts in leading the dialogue on intellectual property rights in technology, AI and IoT. The financial performance of the organization was also highlighted, underscoring the robustness of its global services.

In addition, he reviewed a number of national strategies and initiatives supporting the development of the country’s IP environment and innovation, most notably the “We UAE 2031” vision, which sees IP and innovation as key drivers of the country’s economic growth force. This vision sets the national goal to be among the top 10 countries for attracting and retaining global talent over the next decade. Other notable strategies include the National Cultural and Creative Industries Strategy, which aims to boost the growth of the country’s cultural and creative industries and increase their contribution to GDP to 5% by 2031; the National Advanced Innovation Strategy, which aims to boost the country’s Position among global innovation pioneers.


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