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UAE: Man arrested for posting offensive social media video in luxury car showroom


Abu Dhabi: The UAE Federal Prosecutor’s Office to Combat Rumors and Electronic Crimes has ordered the pre-trial detention of a resident pending investigations into various charges against him.

The person was accused of using information networks to spread sensational propaganda with the aim of inciting public opinion and harming the public interest. In addition, he was accused of distributing content that did not meet media content standards and was offensive to UAE society.

The allegations were made after the UAE Attorney-General’s Office’s Federal Investigations Department found a video on social media of the accused wearing Emirati uniforms in a luxury car showroom.

The video shows the accused being followed by two men carrying large amounts of cash. During a conversation with the car showroom owner, he contemptuously demanded to buy a car worth more than Dh2 million. He then proceeded to hand out financial packages to showroom staff in a manner that demonstrated a lack of respect and understanding of the value of money.

Prosecutors said such conduct fueled false and offensive projections of UAE citizens, causing public unrest and potentially harming the public interest.

In addition to the individual charges, prosecutors also subpoenaed the owner of the car showroom where the video was shot.

The prosecution urged social media users in the UAE to abide by legal and ethical standards in their media content. They are advised to respect the social norms and values ​​inherent in the UAE, which should guide their behavior and prevent breaking the law.


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