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UAE: Meet the 65-year-old Pakistani expatriate who saved motorists from danger

UAE: Meet the 65-year-old Pakistani expatriate who saved motorists from danger

An approaching motorist recorded his efforts on his mobile phone and the video, which went viral on social media, caught the attention of Sharjah Police, who together with the Ministry of Community Development and the Sharjah Municipality, honored him a week earlier. Authorities repaired the road shortly after the video was shot.

Aziz, who works as a guard at the construction site, told Gulf News he was moved to act quickly for the sake of public safety. “Every member of society should take the initiative [to help others]. If they cannot help immediately, they should contact the authorities,” said Aziz, who has seven daughters.

He added that he and his family – as well as the villagers in his hometown in Pakistan’s Swat Valley – were delighted and honored by Sharjah Police’s recognition.

Aziz has worked in the UAE for 15 years and considers it his second home. During this time, he only briefly visited family, including his 30-year-old eldest daughter. His youngest daughter, 15, was born the year he started making a living in the UAE. Aziz said all four of his daughters recited the Qur’an.

Khamis Al Shamsi was the driver who took the video of Aziz.A voice explained what happened in the clip that went viral on social media: “There is a hole in the side of the road due to rain. This worker [Aziz] Would like to warn other road users of this to prevent a disaster. Despite his age, he’s doing a good job. “

Al Shamsi told Gulf News: “I was driving in the Al Saja’a district at 4pm that day. [Aziz’s] The noble work caught my attention, and I watched him from a distance. “

Brigadier General Abdullah Mubarak bin Amir, deputy commander-in-chief of Sharjah police, acknowledged Aziz’s admirable behavior at police headquarters last Thursday. He reiterated that Sharjah Police General Command is keen to recognize community members who go the extra mile in terms of social responsibility.

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