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UAE opens first women-friendly coworking space in Dubai

UAE opens first women-friendly coworking space in Dubai

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United Arab Emirates The first women-centric co-working space It has officially opened in Downtown Dubai.

The Bureau Business Center, or simply The Bureau, focuses on creating an environment that supports women’s entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

Located in Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park, The Bureau has all the elements of a classic coworking space—lounges, meeting rooms, and private offices—but it goes one step further to support each member’s experience as a business woman.

This includes podcast studios, fitness facilities, treatment and pumping rooms, on-site showers, cafés, social events, mentoring programs, and more.

“I have always believed that a good workspace is the key to productivity and the first step towards a happier work life. Everyone has different work styles and preferences and it is important to cater to different profiles,” Rhea Patel Said she co-founded The Bureau with her sister Nikita.

“Some may find motivation in the form of community, some in great design, others in adaptable working solutions…Our aim is to create real life-enhancing Stuff, creating a good energy and culture is at the core of our purpose.”

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