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UAE penalized for being too slow in third T20I tie against Afghanistan

UAE penalized for being too slow in third T20I tie against Afghanistan

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) were fined 20 per cent for maintaining a slow overrate against Afghanistan in Sunday’s third T20I match in Abu Dhabi.

  • UAE bowler Zawar Farid reprimanded for sending ball to Gulbadin Naib

ICC international group match referee Graeme Labrooy imposed the sanction after the UAE were adjudged to be a point short of the target after taking time into consideration.

According to Article 2.22 ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Staffwhich pertains to minimal overvaluation violations, where players are fined 20 percent of the game fee if they fail to pitch within the allotted time.

Emirates captain CP Rizwan pleaded guilty and accepted the proposed sanction, so no formal hearing was required.

Meanwhile, UAE bowler Zalwar Faried was reprimanded and fined 15 per cent of the match fee for breaching the ICC’s level 1 code of conduct during the same match.

Zawar was found to have breached Rule 2.5 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Staff regarding “the use of language, actions or gestures which are derogatory or likely to provoke an offensive response when a batsman is sent off” in international competitions. “

In addition to this, Zawar was also deducted a point from his disciplinary record, his first infraction in 24 months.

The incident occurred in Afghanistan’s sixth innings match, when Zawar’s hand gesture in taking down Gulbadin Naib’s wicket could have provoked an aggressive reaction from the batsman.

Zawar admitted the foul and accepted the penalty proposed by the match referee, so no formal hearing was required.

On-field referees Aasif Iqbal and Shiju Sam, third referee Akbar Ali and fourth referee Suneej K Thottathil cleared the charge.

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