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UAE poised to make history at World Championships – IWBF


a dynamic united arab emirates Boys set to make history in Group A opener against Italy IWBF Wheelchair Basketball World Championships – Dubai 2022 The lobby of the World Trade Center here on Friday.

While this will be the home team’s first appearance at the World Championships, for most players, playing alongside the world’s top teams will be a dream come true. As the host, it will also be the first time that the UAE will host the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships, becoming the first Arab and West Asian country to do so.

They have a new coach by their side, Abbas AhakuchekiA key player in the success of Iranian men’s wheelchair basketball in Asia, the UAE team looks stronger than ever and is ready for a big challenge.

Ahakucecki, who served as the two-time Paralympic head coach of Iran, said the team’s confidence and spirit have grown through continuous training.

“Recent events in Thailand, Kuwait and training in Turkey prepared the team very well. Since I joined them in July 2022, the World Championships is one of my short-term plans. We have also brought in some Young players like 19-year-old Mohamed Alnaqbi to add speed and enthusiasm to the team.”

The coach also pointed out that the UAE side have a lot of experienced players, which will work in their favour.

The UAE is currently ranked second among the Gulf nations and has won a bronze medal at the Bahrain 2022 West Asian Paralympic Games. At the Arab Championships last month, the UAE finished fourth and Egypt finished first.

The team also spent 10 days training in Turkey and fine-tuned their skills for the tournament.

daunting challenge

experienced Ibrahim Salim Al Hammadi It won’t be an easy challenge to admit, but they’ll be ready to put on an inspiring performance. After training in the lobby of the World Trade Center, Alhammadi said:

“It’s been a good preparation so far. Our new coach has a new strategy for our game; how we can improve. The past few weeks the focus has been on our fitness, planning right and building the team Collaboratively. The team is excited to be in their first World Championship. We will try to put on a good show. The focus will be on game by game, the first step will be against Italy Played a great game.”

Asked about the positive impact the new coach has had on the squad after being drafted for them, the Emirates playmaker said:

“The team is stronger in many ways. We have more experience. Now, we have a lot of chances and plans in a game; the focus is on everyone, not just a few players. Earlier we had many times Neither layup, but now we’re getting close to the basket and we can take our chances.”

The 42-year-old intern at the People of Determination Club in Dubai added:

“Australia will be the toughest in our group.”

Meanwhile, another veteran player Mohammad Zarouni Said it will be a good opportunity for the team to learn and grow, to play against the best teams in the world.

“For any player, it’s a dream to represent your country at the highest level. Playing against the best players in the world is also a bright spot on your CV. We’re not just here to play, we’re here to stay To imprint and inspire our young people to achieve great results in the sport.”

big honor

for Jamal Khalifa Albedwawi:

“It’s an honor to be part of the World Championships.”

“We’re focused on doing well. It’s not just about results, it’s about making an impression at the highest level and creating more awareness. We’ve practiced really well over the past few months. I believe, this time The championship will leave us with new experiences and new horizons.”

Under the patronage of Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council and Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Protection of Peoples’ Right to Self-Determination, the championship is expected to witness high-intensity competition alongside the Paralympic Games , world and continental champions in the lineup.

More than 300 players representing 28 teams will compete June 9-20 in the lobby of the World Trade Center.

Click here to find the full UAE team roster

visit 2022 IWBF World Championship Website to know more information. Spectator admission is free – Please click here to register for free

Text courtesy of Priyanka Sharma / People of Determination Club Dubai.

Photo Credit: Mark Madrid / People of Determination Dubai Club


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