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World News | Cisco employees slam California department for dishonesty in handling caste discrimination allegations


Streaks of light seen in California. (Image source: video capture)

WASHINGTON, June 9 (PTI) More than 30 current and former employees of CISCO Systems have slammed a key California government agency for being “dishonest” in handling the high-profile case, which they say is bad for them and their employees. Employers are unfair.

“We are a diverse team of current and former Cisco employees. Our lives have been adversely affected by the California Civil Rights Department’s (CRD) misrepresentations about our organization’s culture and ethics in court filings,” said the employees An open letter published Wednesday at Caste Gate.

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The letter also argues that CRD’s case has damaged the image of companies employing people with South Asian immigrant backgrounds, making it difficult for them to work in Silicon Valley.

“The most blatant abuse of civil rights by an institution entrusted with the noble task of protecting those rights,” the letter said.

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In the letter, CISCO employees ask CISCO Systems to aggressively seek compensation on their behalf, arguing that CRD’s withholding of key details has undermined their trust in the department’s ethics and its ability to act as a neutral arbitrator on issues of caste.

“This hinders our careers and leaves devastating scars in the lives of many. People avoid social interactions with many of their colleagues for fear of being or participating in some form of discrimination,” the letter reads.

“Especially if they have a South Asian immigrant background, derogatory questions based on one’s ethnic background become common. Even the prominent Washington Post has little concern publishing anonymous letters with no credible supporting evidence to generalize ‘with Indian managers Working together is a hell on earth”. This shows blatant racism. It has caused us severe emotional harm,” the letter said.

“We believe it is necessary for CRD to publicly apologize and absolve us of any implied guilt, and in doing so will help restore our reputation. Without the above, this slander will accompany us and cause us permanent damage,” the employees demanded .

According to the letter, advocacy groups claiming to represent Dalits took the opportunity to echo CRD’s dubious allegations against Cisco employees, leading to widespread negative press coverage.

“When allegations of caste discrimination rose against CISCO in 2020, we were shocked to hear of such a different experience than ours. This lawsuit demonstrates a poor perception of our company, its employees, and its culture. Even at first glance, we found This view is biased and does not represent our own experience. We did not speak out at the time because we assumed that the state institution had better intentions – not least because it was a state institution leaning toward liberal values ​​and it had adopted different usual steps to sue Cisco,” the letter said.

The allegations were made as fact, and the media spread hate slurs such as “those corporate vicious Brahmins” during the trial of the two Cisco engineers at the center of the dubious case.

In addition, the US media has more than 53,000 mentions of the unfamiliar term “caste” and articles keep mentioning CISCO.

Employees endured a presumption of guilt, they claimed, which damaged their reputations and spread emotional narratives without objective public discourse.

“As a result of CRD’s exaggerated negative publicity, all employees, especially South Asian immigrants, have been held responsible for the deterioration of Cisco’s culture. Despite Cisco’s public statements, the reputational damage done to us has not been undone. Remediation of this damage has The loss of our personal lives may be impossible, and the time we lost is lost forever. Without compensation, our reputation will be permanently damaged,” the Cisco employee said.

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