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UAE ‘ranked first in the Arab region’ in IMD World Talent Ranking


Ranked first in the Arab region in the latest IMD World Talent Rankings, the country moves up two spots in the 2022 index, which assesses how well 63 economies are attracting and retaining talent.

The country is one of the best in terms of being ready to meet the labor market demand for skills and expertise by creating a business-friendly environment that can attract and retain expertise and a skilled workforce.

The UAE has also been awarded in terms of foreign highly skilled talent, zero income tax, availability of skilled labor, senior managers with international experience, availability of competent senior managers, large number of graduates and students in ICT, engineering, mathematics and natural sciences Highly rated inbound mobility.

Recruitment Trends

Meanwhile, a recent survey of work and hiring trends in the UAE revealed that 7 in 10 companies in the UAE, or 70% of companies in the UAE, plan to recruit new employees based on their skills and qualifications.

According to the same survey, about 50% of organizations employ foreign immigrants. UAE companies have been raising wages to attract more skilled migrants. 86% of working professionals feel positive about their career prospects in the next 5 years.

The talent landscape in the UAE was a key topic discussed at the recent leading HR conference ‘Talent Mobility Now’ held at Amazonico in Dubai. Organized by Writer Relocations, the event focuses on Talent Mobility, an exclusive gathering of senior HR professionals, leaders, decision makers and talent mobility managers representing top companies across every vertical and industry globally.

“It is a pleasure to host the HR Conference. As an industry leader in relocation, we have seen an increase in mobility to the UAE. Over the past few years, with Golden Visas, Green Visas, 5-year Multiple Entry Tourist Visas and With the launch of retirement visas etc., the country has become a talent hub to attract and retain talent. In addition, the launch of a new pension scheme also helps retain talent and bring in new talent.

“‘Talent Mobility Now’ aims to focus on how the UAE is leading its position as a talent hub and give attendees an overview of what makes the country one of the most sought-after destinations to work and live,” said Simon Mason, Chief Executive Operations Officer and Chief Revenue Officer, Writer Relocation.

Mobility Policy Flexibility

While the Human Resources Conference highlighted a variety of topics related to human resources and talent mobility, the focus was on “flexibility in mobility policies”.

“In today’s era, to remain competitive in a globalized world, organizations should be agile enough to respond to industry change and disruption. Some companies are now moving their workforce internally, from one country to another, in the same department or in a new department. Higher roles. This provides a clear path for individuals to hone existing skills and develop new ones, and enables organizations to build a self-developing workforce that is more inclined to grow within the company,” Mason added.

Talent mobility enables organizations to adapt quickly to changing environments and to deploy and transfer critical skills across projects, businesses and borders when needed. Mobility, which provides avenues for employees to progress and develop within the organization, can result in process improvements of 30% and productivity gains of 23%.

Latest News

The Talent Mobility Now Forum also paves the way for engaging in conversations on the latest trends and developments in global mobility, challenges and opportunities related to the transformation of global mobility, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in the field.

In addition to some insightful discussions, the event provided an opportunity to network with industry experts and thought leaders, and sparked thought-provoking keynotes and panel discussions from some of the industry’s most influential people. — trade arab news agency


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