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UAE: Real estate firm sues tenant Dh300,000 after ‘mistreating’ its staff; case dismissed – News

UAE: Real estate firm sues tenant Dh300,000 after ‘mistreating’ its staff; case dismissed – News

Court says company can’t prove abusive emails attributed to defendant actually came from him

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published: Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 8:32 am

A real estate company in Abu Dhabi is suing its tenant for Dh300,000 for abusing and insulting its employees via email.

The company’s management said in the lawsuit that the man who rented the apartment in the building they managed sent several abusive and insulting emails to the company’s employees. This is due to delays in maintenance work on tenant apartments.

The real estate company said that in addition to violating online laws, its employees were also psychologically affected by the abusive and insulting emails. The company asked the court to compel the lessee to pay Dh300,000 to its employees as damages.

In court, the tenant denied mistreating and insulting real estate staff.

After hearing the case, the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Claims Court dismissed the lawsuit as insufficient evidence. The judge stressed that the company did not provide enough evidence to prove that the defendant’s emails were indeed sent by him.

The court also said that the plaintiffs did not bring criminal charges against the defendants, which would be another basis for a claim if the tenants were convicted of violating online laws.

The company has been ordered to pay the legal costs of its tenants.

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