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UAE: Residents defrauded of Dh10,000 rent checks by fake realtors – News

The man produced a receipt confirming he had handed over cash and some WhatsApp text messages as evidence to support his claim

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published: Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 9:06 am

Last updated: Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 9:10 am

A man who defrauded a resident of Dh10,300 in rent after posing as a real estate agent has been told to return the cash. The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Claims Court directed the Arab man to return the cash to residents after he was found guilty of fraud.

The man, who is in his 20s, has filed a lawsuit against the defendant, demanding that he return the money he was defrauded of. The plaintiffs allege in the lawsuit that the defendant posed as a real estate agent and offered to help him rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi.

The Asian man said he handed over Dh10,300 to the accused after he showed him an apartment in Abu Dhabi. But he later realized that the defendant had defrauded him because he had no right to rent out the apartment.

The plaintiff said he tried unsuccessfully to get his money back from the defendant. He then filed criminal charges against the Arab man.

The young man produced a receipt confirming that he had handed over the cash to the accused, as well as some WhatsApp texts as evidence in support of his claim.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court had earlier jailed the Arab man after finding him guilty of fraud.

The plaintiff then filed a civil suit against the Arab man, seeking his money back.

After hearing all parties, the Civil Court judge issued a verdict ordering the defendant to pay the Dh10,300 he had received from the plaintiff.

The man was also told to pay the plaintiff’s legal costs.

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