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UAE reviews applicable conditions and procedures adopted for NAFIS scheme

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) held a meeting with the General Pensions and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) to discuss the latest developments in NAFIS, a program to support Emiratis and job seekers currently employed in the private sector.

Participants from both parties emphasized the importance of protecting the rights of the UAE to benefit from the NAFIS scheme by ensuring that entities/employers register and pay monthly contributions on behalf of their UAE employees in a timely and proficient manner, as registration with GPSSA is the first step to gain insurance interest.

During the meeting, the MoHRE reviewed the applicable conditions and procedures in place to obtain NAFIS to support Emiratis currently employed in the private sector.

The meeting shed light on the importance of establishing a digitally linked system with pension funds to ensure that the registration and monthly contributions of newly hired and active UAE employees are completed on time.

continuous monitoring

It also discusses the need to implement ongoing monitoring and compliance procedures to ensure that the intended policy and legislative objectives to regulate the UAE labor market are properly implemented, including implementing the NAFIS scheme and ensuring that support reaches those who deserve it.

Additional processes include the need to conduct surveys, research, and prepare reports based on employment data to support policymakers in developing beneficial systems, updates, and procedures within NAFIS.

MoHRE has worked with pension fund authorities, including GPSSA, to address any challenges that may impede the delivery of NAFIS programs while providing appropriate solutions to improve the quality of shared data through the use of efficient digital linking processes.

In support of the Emiratization programme, MoHRE is focused on ensuring that the actual number of Emiratis registered in the program is accurate and that the number of stakeholders and job seekers registered on the platform is constantly updated.

During the meeting, GPSSA attendees have noted a steady increase in the number of registered UAE employees in the first few months of implementing the NAFIS programme.

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