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UAE: Sheikha Latifa attends 2nd Graduation Ceremony of Dubai Academy of Design and Innovation


Dubai: Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Culture and member of Dubai Council, attended the graduation ceremony of the second design students of Dubai Design and Innovation Institute (DIDI), at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai. Rashid Library.

Sheikha Latifa highlighted Dubai’s vision for the future, which at its core is developing young leaders who can drive growth in all areas. She highlighted Dubai’s commitment to providing the necessary education and knowledge to enable young talent to keep pace with global progress and devise effective solutions that support the growth of vital sectors.

She also highlighted Dubai’s ongoing efforts to equip the creative sector with young talented innovators who are able to combine technological solutions with entrepreneurial principles and drive meaningful change in the world of design.

foster creativity

“Dubai is unwavering in its commitment to strengthening and energizing the cultural and creative industries sector. By expanding its intrinsic value, harnessing its potential and optimizing its contribution to the UAE’s GDP, the emirate is creating an attractive Landscape, these projects and programs support the creative community by blending passion and academic pursuits, thereby discovering and nurturing real talent within the sector. These efforts contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and strengthen the UAE’s position as an incubator of ideas and a global hub for design, “she says.

Sheikha Latifa also highlighted the rapid pace of technological advancement and the need for future generations to develop the ambitions, skills and academic pursuits to meet future opportunities. She also highlighted the importance of design as a fundamental pillar for building a creative economy based on knowledge and innovation.

DIDI’s multidisciplinary design program aims to nurture the UAE’s cultural and creative ecosystem by developing young talents and equipping them with knowledge-based design thinking concepts and applications. It contains the latest courses and academic experiences delivered by a team of professional academics from the fields of design and technology.

DIDI’s graduates represent the University’s multicultural student body, representing more than a dozen countries around the world. Furthermore, approximately 30% of graduates are Emirati.

Malek Al Malek, Director General of the Dubai Development Authority (DDA) and Chairman of DIDI, said: “Economic resilience and a commitment to diversity have ensured Dubai’s position as a global hub for business and talent. Our leadership’s vision for the emirate requires the credence of skilled thinkers. continuous flow, they can contribute to emerging and established industries by spearheading innovative ideas and creating new value that underpins economic growth.In this endeavor, developing higher education to meet tomorrow’s needs is key, and DIDI represents this A new chapter. The University aims to produce ambitious creators and thinkers who can keep pace with rapid and continuous change. Instilling agility, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in academia is critical to preparing students for a changing work culture and promoting Sustainable and impactful development is critical.”

four programs

DIDI offers the region’s first and only program dedicated to design and innovation. The University’s Bachelor of Design degree is the first interdisciplinary program of its kind in the Middle East and includes four distinct disciplines: Product Design, Multimedia Design, Fashion Design and Strategic Design Management. Carefully designed to meet the growing regional and global demand for forward-thinking designers and innovators, the program blends technical fluency, visual literacy and strategic competence, and prepares students for the dynamic design landscape.

Mohammad Abdullah, President of Didi, said: “We are extremely proud to celebrate Didi’s second graduating class. Our founding purpose was to empower students with future-proof skills and multidisciplinary design thinking to ensure tomorrow’s digital-first world prioritizes humans and The wellbeing of the planet. Our students demonstrate how innovation, well-rounded higher education and a supportive environment can give way to brilliant ideas and empathetic solutions that change the way we live and work. We look forward to seeing what our students will continue to achieve Remarkable achievement, and no doubt they will leave a lasting impression on the creative and design industries.”


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