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UAE summer staycation fun: Here’s what UAE residents are up to this season


DUBAI: The UAE is not a destination to stay away from in the summer. If anything, the Dubai Summer Surprise (DSS), retail discounts at malls, incredible deals on hotel stays and a plethora of indoor events, ensures residents living in the emirate have a great time during July and August Lots of things to watch.

Karakchai and sunset at Dubai beach

Dubai-based entrepreneur and entertainer Djounaid Hseino, 28, a Belarusian expat, says summer is one of his favorite times in the UAE.

“Most people are out and about. The roads are almost empty and commuting is easy. With tickets so expensive, the best thing for me is to stay and enjoy all that the UAE has to offer.”

Hseino has been watching the sunset from the beach in Dubai. “I love sunset beaches, kite beaches. Summers in Dubai are pretty chilly, swim at sunset at local beaches.”

He added: “I love karacha. I think summer is one of the best times to drink karacha with friends. To me it’s more than just a cup of tea. It’s something you enjoy with friends and good company Lifestyle. It’s a bit quieter in the summer and I have more time to drink karaage with my friends.”

UAE’s summer plans are in place

Francielli Trespach da Silva, a 41-year-old Brazilian expat who works as a yoga teacher and aromatherapist, has her summer in full swing.

“I’ll be taking advantage of the great retail discounts at the various malls. So shopping is definitely on my radar. I’m a foodie so I want to explore all kinds of food and restaurants this summer. We’re also planning to book an indoor theme park, an aquarium and a zoo .”

Fitness is a big priority for Silva. “There are plenty of indoor sports facilities, and I plan to play some paddle tennis, yoga, etc. Also, there are day trips to neighboring emirates.”

Summer in the UAE has no dull moments

Sarah Ahmed Hassan Abdellatif, a 43-year-old office manager for Sudanese expatriate, said summer in the UAE is full of activities.

“Summer is never a dull moment here. Ski Dubai is my favorite place to go in summer. I took snowboarding lessons five years ago. I go back every year to enjoy the slopes and penguin encounters. I love it too Louvre Abu Dhabi Because its the Museum of Arts and Civilization and will make weekend plans there. “

abdul latif likes ferrari world also. “I love the high-speed roller coasters, racing simulators, interactive exhibits and shows. This warner bros world Theme parks are also going to be on my to-do list this summer. “

She added: ” Dubai Opera There is a series of interesting performances that I don’t want to miss. “

Hugo Farinha Guedelha, a business analyst who has lived in Dubai for the past 10 years, said he would also take advantage of the variety of indoor activities offered to residents.

“There are lots of activities for parents and kids. I will be taking my daughter to the trampoline park and various theme parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

IMG Worlds, Warner Bros. Worlds

Nela De Con, a 39-year-old Mexican expatriate and health consultant, said she and her family will also travel to IMG World in Dubai and Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi.

“SeaWorld is also a major attraction. My kids and I plan to go there this summer. We plan to buy annual passes because it’s the best option.”

Top left Rodrigo and Leonardo, Valentina Neira and Jorge Jimenez de Can and Neira De Can

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Kang said she has been considering enrolling her children in summer camp.

kids summer camp

“It’s a great way to keep them busy. Summer camps offer some amazing activities, including fitness workouts. Summer can be a time to keep kids physically and mentally busy. Summer camp helps to pass the time.”

Kang added that in the summer, the family would jump into the pool every day. “We’re just after 5 p.m., before the sun burns out. It’s time for us to be together as a family.”

Danelle Ruth Palang, a 42-year-old Filipino expat and director of marketing and communications, said she loves summer staycations.

“Amazing deals. I love pampering myself too. So going to various spas this summer health treatment. The best summer escapes are indoors and we’re lucky to have so many events in July and August that keep me busy. “

indoor activities

Neehu Prasad, a 31-year-old Indian expatriate entrepreneur, said: “Having lived in the UAE for many years, summer is always a different experience. It’s a busy time.

“At this time of year, all leisure venues are equipped with some indoor games and sports. I rarely miss such opportunities. Summer in Dubai is also about staying in hotels and resorts, and I will stay with my family.


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