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UAE: Tenant ordered to pay more than Dh160,000 to occupy apartment for 4 years without paying rent – News

The real estate company said financial losses occurred while the man seized the apartment, which has an annual rent of Dh45,000

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published: Monday, March 13, 2023 at 9:18 am

A tenant who illegally occupied an apartment in Abu Dhabi for four years without paying rent has been ordered to pay a real estate agency Dh165,000.

The real estate management company has filed a lawsuit against the tenant, demanding that he pay Dh190,475 as compensation for illegally occupying the apartment it manages for up to four years without paying rent.

The company said it suffered financial losses while tenants seized the apartments. The annual rent for the apartment is Dh45,000.

The real estate company said the Arab man occupied the apartment through illegal means and did not sign a housing contract with the company. When he was told to move out of the house, the man refused.

The real estate company had earlier brought the tenant to an Abu Dhabi court for a housing case, which issued a ruling ordering him to be evicted from the apartment.

The property was handed back to the real estate agency after authorities evicted the tenants.

The real estate company then filed a lawsuit at the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Court, seeking compensation from the tenants for the damages it suffered due to non-payment of rent.

After investigating the case, a civil court judge issued a verdict ordering the tenant to pay Dh165,000 to the real estate company.

The man was also told to pay the plaintiff’s legal costs.

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