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UAE to participate in Over-50 Cricket World Cup Masters in South Africa – News

The 18-member squad will be led by Syed Rafiullah and also include Khurram Khan, who captained the UAE team for the 2015 ICC World Cup

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Brigadier General Makki Salman Ahmed Salman of Dubai Police was the guest of honor along with Khalid Al Haj Nasir and sponsors Mili and Chandan Ahuja. – Photos provided

published: Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 11:34 pm

Last updated: Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 11:35 pm

The 14 top cricketing nations and some associate members will soon take on each other in the Over-50 Cricket World Cup Masters in Cape Town, South Africa.

Chandan Ahuja and Mili Ahuja of Falcon Eye Cyber ​​Security from Dubai sponsor a team of senior cricketers from the UAE who are also ready to take on the established powerhouses of their group.

Syed Rafiullah, the captain of the Pakistan University team and a two-time Canadian Masters World Cup player in 2018 and 2020, will lead the UAE Masters.

Backing him will be some very famous and well-known players such as Ali Akbar Rana and Vijay Mehra, who also represented the UAE in the 1994 ICC World Cup Championship, while Khurram Khan was the captain of the 2015 edition of the UAE team.

Other notable members of the team with many first class representatives are Ambey Parwatkar, Biju Nair, Mohammad Shafique, Shahzad Ahmad, Tanvir Ghani, Narayanan Krishnan, Abhilash Devarajan, John Flory, Faisal Maqsood, Rehan Khan, Naveed Sehrai, Imran Qazmi, Asif Butt and Asad Rizvi round out the lineup.

At the topping out ceremony at Taj Dubai Downtown, Mili Ahuja, Founder and Director of Falcon Eye Cyber ​​Security, welcomed distinguished guests, celebratory guests, and the 18-member team to embark on their maiden journey to the IMCC Men’s Over 50 World Cup South Africa.

“We are honored to support the UAE team in bringing home the Masters World Cup,” Milley said.

“I choose not to upstage this fantastic group of people who are doing all that is necessary to bring people together from different countries and cultures in true Emirati spirit and to demonstrate the same in Cape Town. Thanks A team in their 50s who are largely self-funding their first World Cup appearance. I’m told it’s the third and largest Masters World Cup to date, featuring 14 teams divided into two groups , seven in each group. Best of luck to me and everyone at Falcon Eye Cyber ​​Security,” she added.

Chandan Ahuja further added: “I am a banker by trade and I am also a cricketer. I am sure everyone here has played some form of cricket in the past and some of them are more competitive than others. Cricket An athlete, in fact, an athlete, is never alone. He or she has a partner and friends with whom they play; and compete.

“As our own start-up, as a gesture of one up-and-coming start-up to another, we offer guidance and support to this 50-something Masters Over cricket team.”

Brigadier General Makki Salman Ahmed Salman of Dubai Police, who was the guest of honor alongside Khalid Al Haj Nasir, said: “I congratulate the team members and wish them success in this tough competition. I ask them to play hard but play fair, Keep the UAE tradition alive and let the UAE flag fly high in South Africa.”

Mazar Khan, General Manager of Sharjah Stadium, a very, very senior cricketer and the highest-ranked official in UAE cricket for five years, also wished the team success and gave his all for this tournament.

Mohamed Lokhandwala, a former cricketer and cricket official who was master of ceremonies at the event, elaborated on the match: “Former internationals from India, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand Top-tier cricketers, Zimbabwe, Namibia, UAE, United States of America, Canada and Wales are all ready and most have arrived in the coastal city of Cape Town.

“Surrounded by the scenic Table Top Mountains shrouded in white clouds, this beautiful city, located at Cape Point, the southernmost tip of the world, will host the Senior World Cup, where each team will play six matches in a 45-round format, exclusively for the “Master game. The top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals, while the losers will play the cricket. “

Brigadier Makki Salman Ahmed Salman, Khalid Al Haj Nasir, Chandan Ahuja, Mili Ahuja, Mazhar Khan and CTK Nasir presented the players with their IMCC Masters World Cup caps.

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