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UAE updates data on 29,762 registered pensioners

Abu Dhabi: The General Pensions and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has updated data on 99% of 29,762 eligible registered pensioners and beneficiaries in 2022 as part of its effort to provide fast and reliable services to its stakeholders.

The upgraded service is available to pensioners and/or senior UAE nationals over the age of 60, as well as widows and unmarried women who are entitled to active retirement pensions, without the need to visit GPSSA’s Customer Happiness Center to apply for a service. This resulted in flexibility and shorter time spans in obtaining GPSSA services, even at the Customer Happiness Center level, reducing the time to respond to inquiries to 2.21 minutes and the waiting time for pension and bonus calculation services to 2.83 minutes.

The proactive service was developed in collaboration with the UAE’s non-conventional sector, known as the Ministry of Possibilities, to provide integrated, reliable and speedy data and documents to the UAE between government agencies. Due to its links with other authorities, GPSSA is constantly notified of any updates or amendments to the data of pensioners or beneficiaries, such as entry into work, marriage (female), death, exceeding the legal age for entitlement to pension or Reaching the legal age to be entitled to superannuation (for those who retire early), and other changes such as amending the bank account number to which superannuation is transferred, whether at the same bank or from one bank to another. Authorities do not require updates on the remaining cases as they can be done without visiting any customer happiness centres.

In some entities, the validity period is extended until the end of the month, so pensioners or beneficiaries do not need to visit GPSSA’s center or its website to complete certain transactions.

According to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the provision of these services helps to redesign government working concepts and practices while creating new ways to facilitate services. Generation Service Serves customers promptly and easily.

In addition, the services provided by GPSSA have contributed to the development of its work structure with a greater emphasis on providing advanced services that enhance family life throughout the UAE, especially the benefits provided by GPSSA’s pension schemes affecting a wide range of sectors of society.

The UAE Pensions Authority affirms its responsibility to continue to provide innovative and progressive technological services that cater equally to the needs of previous, current and future generations, with the aim of continuing to seek long-term sustainable solutions to improve Confidence of insureds, employers, pensioners and beneficiaries.

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