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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

UAE warns citizens in Hawaii as Maui wildfires rage

Amidst the ongoing and devastating wildfires that have consumed Maui Island in Hawaii, the UAE’s Consulate-General in Los Angeles has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its Emirati citizens.

The idyllic landscapes that once adorned the island have been tragically reduced to ashes, as the relentless flames have torn through neighborhoods and landmarks, leaving a trail of destruction and desolation in their wake.

Reports paint a grim picture of the catastrophe, with entire communities being obliterated and iconic landmarks rendered unrecognizable by the all-encompassing blaze. The sheer scale of the wildfires has forced thousands of residents to hastily evacuate their homes, racing against time to escape the advancing inferno that has mercilessly engulfed towns and settlements.

Tragically, the death toll has now reached 53 individuals, marking this incident as one of the most lethal natural disasters in recent memory for the state of Hawaii.

The toll surpasses even the devastation caused by a tsunami in 1960, which claimed the lives of 61 people on the Big Island.

The heart-wrenching loss of life and the extensive destruction left behind stand as somber reminders of the immense power of nature and the urgency of disaster preparedness.

In the face of this dire situation, the UAE Consulate-General in Los Angeles has issued a fervent advisory to all Emiratis who might be present on Maui Island.

Urging caution as an utmost priority, the Consulate-General underscores the importance of avoiding fire-affected areas and adhering closely to the guidance provided by local authorities.

Such guidance could prove instrumental in navigating the rapidly changing conditions and making informed decisions that prioritize personal safety.

As a further step in providing support and assistance, the UAE Consulate-General has made available an emergency contact for Emirati citizens who find themselves in distress or requiring immediate aid.

Emiratis can dial +1 (310) 551-6534 to connect with the consulate’s emergency services, ensuring that help is readily accessible in times of need.

In these trying times, the UAE’s proactive response in safeguarding the welfare of its citizens underscores the nation’s commitment to the well-being of its people, even in the face of challenges that span continents and cross borders.

Through timely alerts, comprehensive advisories, and accessible emergency contacts, the UAE remains dedicated to supporting its citizens abroad and upholding their safety as a paramount concern.

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