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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

UD Trucks Joins Plastic Pledge


Leading commercial vehicle manufacturer UD Trucks has announced its participation in The Plastic Pledge, an innovative and high-impact project to address the global plastic pollution crisis launched on June 1.

UD Trucks Meena (Middle East, East and North Africa), in partnership with the Arabian Ocean Rowing Team, is determined to help make a difference by reducing plastic consumption both within the organization and at an individual level.

The Plastic Pledge program aligns with UD Trucks’ strong belief in corporate responsibility and commitment to a cleaner, greener future. By actively addressing the challenges posed by plastic waste, UD Trucks aims to set a precedent for sustainable practices in the automotive industry and inspire others to join the cause.

major initiatives

The Plastic Pledge project comprises a series of important initiatives, each aimed at making a big difference to plastic consumption – currently, at least 11 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year!

To drive change from within, UD Trucks will implement an employee awareness and training program to ensure that every member of the organization understands the importance of reducing plastic waste and actively participates in the program.

In addition, UD Trucks will work with suppliers and partners to encourage them to take initiatives towards sustainable packaging and plastic reduction.

As part of its ‘Better Living’ Earth strategy, UD Trucks will organize plastic-free events and actively support recycling and waste management practices. Through partnerships with environmental groups and government agencies, UD Trucks aims to create a network of like-minded individuals and entities dedicated to minimizing plastic pollution.


Earlier this month, UD Trucks employees met with Toby Gregory, founder and captain of the Arabian Ocean Rowing Team, to learn more about the team’s historic achievement rowing across the Atlantic. Gregory’s 42-day journey with two other team members was the result of hard training and dedication. The UD Trucks crew enjoyed presentations highlighting the challenges faced, followed by a tour of the actual vessels used for the expedition. This experience helped motivate UD Trucks to stick with the Plastic Pledge initiative to minimize plastic pollution.

Mourad Hedna, President of UD Trucks Meena said: “Plastic pollution is an urgent global issue that requires immediate action. By joining forces, we believe we can make a big difference and drive positive change. Every simple action counts. We invite Other organizations and individuals join us in this meaningful initiative and work towards a plastic-free future.” — trade arab news agency


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