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important things to know


The currency of the UAE is the UAE Dirham (AED).

official language

Arabic is the national language of the United Arab Emirates.

English as a second language facilitates your communication even if you do not speak Arabic.

climate and weather

The UAE has an arid desert climate with two seasons.

Summer (June-September) temperatures typically reach highs of 90°F – 99°F (32°C – 37.2°C). But in winter (December to March), temperatures in the UAE are pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 62°F – 75°F (16.4°C – 24°C).

Rainfall is inconsistent. However, violent sandstorms, known as “Shamar winds”, often occur locally.

Dress code

As a Muslim country, the United Arab Emirates expects visitors to dress appropriately, especially in public places such as hospitals, government buildings, parks, shopping malls and religious buildings.

Below is the dress code we recommend you follow

  • Your clothing should not indecently expose your body or display offensive information/images. \
  • Public nudity of any kind is not permitted.
  • Swimwear should only be worn in public at pools, beaches and hydration.
  • Female visitors should not cover their hair or wear traditional robes in public places. However, out of respect for Islam, you are required to wear the traditional abaya and cover your hair when visiting a mosque.
  • Women and men are encouraged to wear clothing that covers the legs, arms and shoulders.

We found that these rules only apply to public areas, not private places like hotel rooms.

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