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World News | Flour crisis hits Pakistani people hard during Ramzan


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Islamabad [Pakistan]April 1 (ANI): People of Pakistan have been facing difficulties during the Ramzan festival, with more than a dozen people killed in a stampede as they lined up to buy cheap flour, Pakistan Military Observer reported.

According to news reports, dozens were injured and millions returned home without a handful of wheat flour. According to news reports, Pakistan is witnessing police beating people queuing up to buy wheat. During Ramadan, hundreds of families have to break their fast with dry bread and water.

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Rising inflation made the wheat flour crisis even more tragic. Common snacks like samosas and pakoras are so expensive that poor people who once relied on them to fill their stomachs after fasting have to make do with store leftovers, according to news reports.

Every day, millions of people line up outside government shops only to return empty-handed. Subsidized wheat is hard to come by in government stores because it is sold at high prices or bought in bulk by wealthy individuals, according to a Pakistani military monitor report.

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Tons of flour are sold to hotels and other businesses. Stores were closed before the wheat sacks were shipped to wealthy families. According to news reports, the ongoing wheat crisis facing the country is to be blamed on the indifference of the government of Pakistani Prime Minister Sheikh Baz Sharif and other provincial governments to the crisis.

When Sharif’s government wrestled with former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the country’s people were left behind. Wheat disappeared and entered the black market, according to news reports, while stampedes became commonplace over subsidized poor-quality wheat and flour.

According to the Pakistan Military Monitor, hoarders are rife and the rich continue to live in luxury while the poor weep in the streets, kill each other and die across the country. Millers were also disgruntled as prices rose after failing to secure approved supplies from the government and being forced to buy openly.

According to the “International News” report, due to the unorganized distribution of free flour, there have been multiple stampedes across Pakistan, and the latest incident in Multan resulted in 14 people including two policemen being injured on the spot.

In Multan, there was a stampede on Wednesday after hundreds of people gathered at distribution points to receive free flour. Rescue 1122 officials said the rescue control room received an emergency call at the Free Flour Distribution Center near Jamia-ul-Uloom near Madni Chowk.

The rescue team immediately notified motorcycle crews at the scene, and more ambulances and motorcycles were dispatched from nearby stations. They found 12 people and two police officers injured at the scene. Two of them were found in critical condition, according to news reports. (Arnie)

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