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US: Gunman kills three, injures six at California biker bar

A gunman killed three people and injured six others at a well-known biker bar in Southern California. The shooting happened at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon around 7pm local time while numerous patrons were at the historic establishment cherished by motorcycle enthusiasts.

Orange County Undersheriff Jeff Hallock called it a tragic event and highlighted the significance of Cook’s Corner in the community.

Deputies swiftly responded to reports of gunfire at the bar. They confronted and fatally shot the male gunman.

Three individuals were pronounced dead at the scene, while six others, five with gunshot wounds, were taken to the hospital.

Two were in critical condition and the rest stable, as reported by Orange County Fire Chief Brian Fennessy.

The suspected shooter might be a retired law enforcement officer. Investigators are exploring the possibility of a domestic dispute triggering the incident. Over 40 witnesses will be interviewed during the investigation.

No identities of the shooter or victims have been disclosed. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office and the White House, including President Joe Biden, are closely following the situation.

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