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India creates history! Chandrayaan-3 lands on Moon

India’s lunar probe safely touched down near the Moon’s unexplored south pole, igniting exuberant celebrations among mission controllers. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) confirmed the successful soft landing of Chandrayaan-3, marking India’s entry as the fourth nation to accomplish this feat after the US, Soviet Union, and China.

This achievement is especially remarkable as it signifies the first-ever landing on the uncharted lunar south pole.

The triumph follows Russia’s Luna-25 probe crash landing on the Moon. Named “Mooncraft” in Sanskrit, Chandrayaan-3 follows India’s previous endeavors in lunar exploration, including a 2008 lunar orbit mission and an unsuccessful landing attempt in 2019. Launched in mid-July, the mission achieved the necessary velocity through Earth orbits.

Historic Moment Timeline:

  • 4:40 pm: Prime Minister Modi expresses pride, foreseeing benefits for global moon missions.
  • 4:37 pm: Prime Minister Modi hails the mission as a source of new pride and hope for India.
  • 4:33 pm: Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing is confirmed.
  • 4:31 pm: The spacecraft hovers nearly motionless, just 150 meters above the surface.
  • 4:29 pm: Chandrayaan-3 approaches the moon’s surface, less than 1 km away.
  • 4:23 pm: Prime Minister Modi joins monitoring efforts via a call from Johannesburg.
  • 4:20 pm: Images from the lunar surface confirm positive progress.
  • 4:17 pm: Intense monitoring of data as landing nears, no ground intervention possible now.
  • 4:14 pm: Powered descent initiated, applause erupts in ISRO control room.
  • 4:12 pm: Chandrayaan-3 enters power descent phase, complex data analyzed.
  • 4:02 pm: Craft aligns with landing site, mission on track with continuous image transmission.
  • 3:45 pm: Visuals of landing site area shared by ISRO.
  • 3:34 pm: Anticipation builds as Chandrayaan-3 aims for a successful landing around 4:34 pm UAE time, with planned two-week functionality for critical experiments.

Chandrayaan-3 targets the lunar south pole, renowned for its water ice potential. It could serve as a valuable source of resources for future moon missions or even a permanent moon colony.

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