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Warner Bros. Hotel Abu Dhabi review: A fan’s dream


We stayed two nights at the WB Curio Collection by Hilton Abu Dhabi. The ultimate hotel for every movie buff and superhero fan. Here is our Warner Bros Hotel Abu Dhabi review.

WB hotel lobby

(C) Millar

The first Warner Bros. hotel opens in Abu Dhabi in 2021, across from Warner Bros. World, currently the world’s largest indoor theme park.The hotel’s entrance is just meters away from one of the world’s best indoor theme parks, an exciting idea, you can read our full review of Warner Bros. World here.

As guests enter the lobby, the Looney Toons logo adorns the ceiling in beautiful lighting fixtures, and giant screens show a variety of animations and videos throughout the day.

WB hotel stairs

(C) Millar

There are plenty of places to sit, and the space is open, elegant and quite regal, immediately looking very different from the usual Curio Collection by Hilton offerings.

Step into movie heaven and you’ll notice a spiral staircase strewn with movie and TV props, including the cowboy boots worn by James Dean in the 1956 film Giant, and you’ll find Wonder Woman’s armor, Michael Keaton’s Batman hood from the 1989 Batman movie, the alien gun from Mars Attacks, and the full-size Batmobile from Robert Pattison’s Batman movie parked outside before you even set foot in the hotel !

I was adamant that something in the museum might be a replica, but after some research I was completely wrong. All items in the hotel are for TV and film productions unless otherwise stated on the item card next to the item.

batman batmobile props

Located on Yas Island, the hotel is surrounded by world-class attractions such as Ferrari World, Sea World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, Yas Mall and the aforementioned Warner Bros. World. It is the heart of Abu Dhabi’s attractions, a tourist hotspot full of restaurants and activities!

Character meet-and-greets are a regular occurrence at Warner Bros. Hotels, with Looney Tunes characters congregating in the lobby, superheroes greeting you at breakfast time, and you can even enjoy room service delivered by Bugs Bunny himself!

I think the subtle costume changes are great since all Looney Tunes characters have day and night outfits. When we walked into the hotel late at night to check in, Bugs and Daffy were in their pajamas!

Check in was easy and we first went to the 6th floor of the hotel to see our room.

WB Hotel Room

WB hotel hallway

From studio suites to quaint dens, every space inside the WB is spacious and themed to a certain film, with posters and film-related additions dotted around standard Hilton guestroom spaces.

As you walk through the hotel’s winding corridors, the carpeting reminds me immediately of the hotel room carpet in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, but with the colors changing and you’ll be in each corridor See artwork associated with Warner Bros. properties.

You’re surrounded by film and TV history, and then we got to room 627, and we went in.

WB hotel room

We were greeted by two double beds with a vintage blue mobile phone and some Sherlock Holmes artwork with a copy of the scene from the script and an image depicting the scene as it was visualized in the film.

From Smeg mini-fridges to Warner Bros mugs and cups, free in-room water and room service options, characters will deliver food to your door.Room service prices are a bit high but that’s to be expected for any hotel room in the world, but it’s certainly not as bad as I expected with proper meals around £15-£20 mark.

WB Hotel Room Abu Dhabi

The bathrooms are adorned with glamorous Hollywood makeup artist-inspired mirrors, designed to be simple but effective. One problem I’ve always had with Hilton properties is their terrible bathtubs. No matter where in the world you are, tubs are slow to fill, it took about 30 minutes for the entire tub to cover my body. This is a problem with every Hilton I’ve ever stayed at. You’ll need the patience of a saint before getting into the tub.

WB hotel bathroom

Our room was one of the cheapest in the Warner Bros hotel collection (artist room with two double beds) and included a free visit to Yas Island attractions with every stay at the hotel. For every night you stay at the hotel, you get free entry to Yas Island’s attractions (WB World, Sea World, Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld).Given that the scenic spot itself is in the surrounding area £81-£82 When you factor this into your stay, you can save an absolute fortune with every entry.

If you want to spend big, get the Studio Suite, which is 1,646 square feet with park views, living area with dining table, 2 bedrooms and a balcony. Room consists of 2 corner bedrooms, consisting of a king-size bed and 2 single beds.

Studio Suite WB Hotel

It really is a beautiful space, but the Hilton pillows kill me no matter which room you stay in. They’re rock solid, and you’ll need to do some serious wrestling with them to twist them into some sort of comfy bedding.

WB Hotel Restaurant Abu Dhabi

(C) Millar

One of the hotel’s five restaurants features piano music from the soundtrack to the HBO sci-fi TV show “Westworld.”

The family-friendly Sidekicks Restaurant serves an international menu, and guests can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at The Matinee Pool Restaurant, which features a ‘Dive Pool Theatre’.

Those looking for an “elegant dining experience” can venture into the “Director’s Club”, where a charcoal oven is used to cook “perfectly aged cuts”. The decor is intended to “reflect the movie scene setting”.

The hotel also features “The Overlook”, a lounge with an infinity pool and 360-degree views of the city and sea.

The hotel’s kids club is “a vibrant and fun space designed to bring joy to Warner Bros.” Character Lives’. There, characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck will be in charge of keeping the little ones entertained.

(C) Millar

In select restaurants we experience Sidekicks, a simple buffet offering standard English breakfasts and halal options including turkey bacon and chicken sausages, but the star of the show is the director’s club.

Directors Club is a fine steakhouse that serves one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life, but be prepared to spend, it doesn’t come cheap. For a 350g Wagyu steak with a drink and a creamy garlic mash, I paid around £74 for the pleasure, but it was worth every penny.

The staff came to our table with a good selection of knives from all over the world for you to choose to cut your steak, I chose a samurai knife and it sliced ​​my steak like butter, with the red wine sauce, it was The best cut of meat I’ve ever had.

Director's Club Wagyu Steak

Director’s Club also sells aged steaks and top steakhouse delicacies, Kobe beef, Japanese steaks, the most expensive steaks in the world at quite high prices £170 120 grams. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to but I’ve decided against it. I’ll be back to try it in the future, that’s a promise!

Director’s Club’s drinks are actually cheaper than WB Abu Dhabi’s rooftop bar, priced from £8-£10 a pint instead £12-£13 A pint on the roof.

WB Hotel Abu Dhabi review

Sean Evans of WB Abu Dhabi

From the epic friend photo at the front desk of the hotel to the incredible staff who make you feel welcome and accepted no matter where you are in the hotel I am absolutely in love with WB Hotels.

It has a cinephile vibe and the characters and staff are so warm and friendly that I felt at home. Even at the Director’s Club, as anywhere else in the world I’ve been, there’s an air of arrogance about fine dining. We were greeted inside in blazers and shorts, sat down and talked like human beings. We bantered with the staff, the chefs waved us hello and goodbye, I would have been very relaxed if I tried.

(C) Millar

The Overlook rooftop bar is a great space with an infinity pool and the outdoor pool inside the hotel has a movie screen that shows cartoons during the day and movies at night, surrounded by movie and TV props like living in a museum right next to the world One of the best (if not THE) best theme parks on the planet.

1 minute walk to Yas Mall and Ferrari World, 5 minutes taxi ride to Sea World, 10 minutes walk to Yas Marina F1 circuit, 5 minutes to Etihad Arena for great concerts and events Minutes taxi ride away. Everything you need is within 10 minutes, the location is excellent (also 15 minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport), and the hotel facilities are complete.

(C) Millar

If I had one complaint, it would be the theming of some of the hotel rooms to a specific franchise. The rooms are very basic Hilton style with some extra cinematic twists, but it would be amazing to have themed rooms around certain franchises. Imagine a Central Perk room, a Batcave or even a Looney Tunes room. The possibilities are endless and it keeps the product fresh and unique without getting too deep into the theme park hotel lodging style.

I highly recommend the WB Hotel Abu Dhabi, it truly is one of the most surreal places to stay on Yas Island, some of the best sites in the world are within walking distance and you really can explore a lot right outside your door.

WB hotel exterior

Staying at any of the Yas Island hotels entitles you to a complimentary shuttle bus service that picks you up at Abu Dhabi Airport when you land and takes you directly to Yas Island. Take the shuttle bus service in advance to take you around the island and discover everything Yas Island has to offer!

Check out the hotel video tour below, including a tour of our hotel room and a quick look at some of the film and TV props on display.Make sure to subscribe to our sister channel Lift Hills and Thrills on YouTube Applies to all theme park and attraction content.

Book your stay in WB Abu Dhabi by visiting their website



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