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WATCH: Indian students in UAE greet teachers with gifts and performances on Indian Teachers’ Day 2022

WATCH: Indian students in UAE greet teachers with gifts and performances on Indian Teachers’ Day 2022

DUBAI: Students in Indian schools across the UAE celebrated Indian Teachers’ Day on Monday, from carrying out their duties as teachers to presenting them with gifts, flowers, plants and performances.

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on September 5 to recognize teachers’ contributions to society. The day marks the birthday of the country’s second president and first vice president, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Students organised various events to thank their teachers and various Indian schools in the UAE held celebrations. The most common events held in honor of teachers are special assemblies and upperclassmen who play teachers’ day. While students at many schools brought small gifts such as flowers, plants and reusable bags to their teachers, students at one school in Dubai pre-empted the purchase of electrical appliances for their staff room.

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Members of the student union at Dubai Indian Institute took the initiative to buy microwaves and mini fridges as special gifts for this year’s Teachers’ Day, school principal Kuleen Mani Tripathi and principal Irene Elsa Alexander told Gulf News.

“We decided to buy these items because we saw some teachers have to walk to different blocks to heat their food,” Tripathi said. “We want to make them comfortable during recess because they’ve been in school for a long time. They can now reheat packaged food from the staff room itself, and they can also put food in the refrigerator,” Alexander said.

Most students in grades 6 to 12 have chipped in for the raid, they said. More endearingly, though, twin brothers Dev Ayyappan and Dhiren Ayyappan are badminton players who have won several matches and contributed the most gifts by sharing their winnings in some of the matches.

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While the students arranged these special gifts with the permission of Principal Shiny Davis, who applauded their thoughtfulness, it was a surprise for teachers who received gifts at the end of the Teacher’s Day celebrations.

“It was a really pleasant surprise,” said one teacher, Swapner Williams, who cheered and applauded students for the move.

“Apart from the normal programming and little gifts from the students, we never expected anything like this to happen. We are happy because they take care of our little things. They care about our welfare and we are very happy and we are very happy for what we are doing Proud to develop global citizens who start at home with a focus on the health of society, which is their school now,” said Williams, head of the department for ethical, social and cultural studies.

Cosplay Awards

GEMS Modern Academy honors its faculty with its signature four-pronged celebration. In addition to holding a morning meeting to thank teachers, the school also held a teacher-student basketball game.

“In honor of their teachers, seniors participated in a series of entertainment throughout the day. Finally, we awarded the Dr. Radhakrishna Award to a senior who played the role of a teacher,” said GEMS Modern Academy Dean, CEO and CEO said Nargish Khabatta, vice president of education at GEMS.

Gem Modern Academy Indian Teachers' Day 2022

GEMS Modern Academy Celebrations
Image source: provided

Kambatta said the program was led by Year 11 students, who came to class in formal sarees (for girls) and suits (for boys). “Students are subject to the same scrutiny as our teachers. It is a competition where the best student teachers are awarded.”

Celebrating 32 years of service

Cambatta singled out a long-serving teacher, John Maxwell Gomez, who served the school for 32 years. “He joined our school in 1990 as a 26-year-old teacher. Today, he serves as the school’s vice-principal. We take Teachers’ Day to thank him for his service.”

Gomez said: “In today’s world, the role of a teacher is not only to inspire others, but also to be inspired by those they care about. A good teacher is one who inspires children to be positive change-makers. Knowledge, Patience , compassion, perseverance, resilience and dedication are the values ​​and virtues that define a good teacher.”


Indian high schools also held a one-day celebration. “Members of the Student Union participated as teachers and they unanimously said it was a busy day for them,” said Punit MK Vasu, CEO of Dubai Indian High School Group.

He said the one-day celebration was to thank teachers for their service. “The teachers put in a lot of effort. They’re not just teachers, they’re mentors and parents to their students.”

Indian High School Indian Teachers' Day 2022

Indian high school teachers with their gifts
Image source: provided

The school hosts evenings including song, dance, and drama. All teaching and non-teaching staff also received gifts of eco-friendly, reusable bags.

double celebration

Students at Global Indian International School Dubai celebrated Teachers’ Day with even greater enthusiasm as they also celebrated the birthdays of Principal Antony Koshy and Dr Radhakrishnan on the same day. The students also made handmade cards for the teachers, wrote poems for the teachers, and presented song and dance performances.

giis 2 birthday principal - 1662388665722

GIIS Principal Antony Koshy’s birthday is also celebrated on the same day
Image source: provided

Koshy said, “It’s a pleasure to celebrate my birthday with my beloved students. We are all celebrating Teachers’ Day today and it’s great to see them make cards and do various activities dedicated to their teachers. Happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers.”

Guice 1-1662388669917

Presentation by GIIS students at the event
Image source: provided

In memory of Dr. Radhakrishnan

Credence High School CEO and Principal Deepika Thapar Singh said school management and senior leaders gathered with students this morning to start the day with warm greetings. “We pay tribute to one of the greatest teachers, scholars, philosophers and former Presidents of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. His life and works have left a legacy that continues to inspire us today and reminds us that teachers play an important role in our children play an important role in the development of a healthy and productive society,” she added.

Credence High School Indian Teachers' Day 2022

Students perform at Credence High School
Image source: provided

“Our students have strong bonds with their teachers and are eager to use the opportunity of Teachers’ Day to express their gratitude. Upper School students hosted a special cultural event for teachers to thank their teachers for helping Everything the kids do. There is joy and happiness all around.”

Director and Principal Dr Pramod Mahajan said the Sharjah Indian School also celebrated the day by honouring Dr Radhakrishnan.

“Many of the upperclassmen play the role of teachers. They take classes and pay tribute to all teachers, thanking them for their intelligence and hard work. Our students also organize a cultural event that emphasizes their dedication and dedication to their teachers to shape them A bright future, instill a righteous heart, beauty of character, intelligence, talent and future-adapted aspects,” he said.

Sharjah Indian School Indian Teachers' Day 2022

Sharjah Indian School pupils also sometimes pay tribute in colourful ways
Image source: provided

He added that school council chairperson and advocate YA Rahim, among others, showed their love and gratitude to teachers in the form of gift packs.

‘An unforgettable day’

Muhammad Ali Kottakkulam, principal of Gulf Indian High School in Dubai, said the school’s senior students planned to hold a celebration to pay tribute to their teachers.

bay indian high school

Bay Indian High School students put on a show to mark the event
Image source: provided

“Year 10 students start at 8am. In addition, a series of activities are scheduled. It is great to see the enthusiasm and excitement of these passionate students. It was an unforgettable day for our teachers,” he added Say.

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