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Water entertainment to drive Saudi Vision plan


Riyadh: As Saudi Arabia continues to grow and diversify its economy away from oil, the country’s water park industry is gaining momentum. With Vision 2030 prioritizing tourism, developers have become more creative in how to incorporate water sports into recreational spaces.

The growing number of water parks and aquatic entertainment venues shows that real estate developers are finding new ways to integrate water rides into venues to create experiences that surprise and delight guests from around the world.

The total number of entertainment venues in the Kingdom is expected to grow exponentially, with more than 24 amusement parks and 421 entertainment centers licensed by January 2023. A boon for tourists and locals alike, the fun of playing in the water is integral and people never seem to tire of it.

Whether it’s visiting animals and a children’s splash pool at a zoo, shopping at a mall and experiencing a FlowRider® surf simulator, or staying at a hotel with a full suite of water slides, these attractions are growing rapidly due to their contribution to improving overall quality of life, Helps form healthy relationships and drives economic growth.

Waterslides, swimming in the backyard pool or surfing the Red Sea, the ways to play in the water are endless. Due to its wide-ranging versatility, real estate developers in Saudi Arabia are using water as a driving force for various site types.

improve the quality of life

The quality of life program under Saudi Vision 2030 aims to improve the livability of individuals and families by creating environments that support new lifestyle choices, and water parks will play an important role in achieving this goal as they bring the joy of water to life. to the outback. Researchers have found that the more time people spend near water, the better they feel due to water’s ability to calm the mind, reduce stress and improve mental health.

Surf parks are one of the growing types of venues in the Kingdom where guests can dine, surf and enjoy the beach. Surf therapy is known to enhance physical and mental health. Dubai’s International Surf Therapy is using the sport to help young people cope with anxiety, with two-hour after-school lessons with qualified surf instructors. The five-week program improved general mental health perceptions, according to the Sterling Child Health Scale, which measures the emotional and mental health of children ages 8-15.

These sentiments were also echoed in a 2018 study in which parents of children with autism said surf therapy helped reduce their children’s anxiety and improve their sleep, illustrating the profound impact water exercise can have on quality of life.

bring people together

Aquatic facilities also create a healthy, safe place for people to come together. With a wide variety of attractions, water parks provide a natural way for parents to interact with their children, either by enjoying different water rides with them or by exploring the interactive elements in a multi-level water play structure. These places provide a place for teens who want the freedom to hang out alone and experience something that will take them out of boredom while still challenging them and providing excitement.

“Water parks have long been considered places where families can come together and spend the day,” said Mike Rigby, general manager and RVP of WhiteWater, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of water entertainment.

“Since our company was founded 40 years ago, family rafting has been a staple at water parks. Most water parks have fixtures and family raft rides that allow the whole family to ride together so they can watch each other’s faces and enjoy it together experience,” he added.

drive economic growth

Water parks also generate economic benefits for local communities through job creation, tourism and tax revenue. They generate external revenue streams by attracting tourists and enticing them to spend money on businesses such as accommodation, transportation and meals.

Globally, the tourism industry generates an estimated $7 trillion annually, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). In the GCC, in addition to direct and indirect contributions, tourism in the Middle East currently generates economic activity worth $237 billion, or 8.7 percent of the region’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“Trade, tourism and retail are the main economic growth drivers that will drive the GCC countries’ economies in the coming years,” Rigby said.

“These sectors play a key role in diversifying the economies of the Gulf countries and I look forward to seeing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continue to succeed as it continues to develop new products and attract international guests from around the world,” he added.

Leisure rides and theme park spending in the Middle East and Africa region is expected to reach USD 609 million in 2023, and attendance is expected to increase from 7.3 million in 2018 to 13 million in 2023, a CAGR of 12.2%, showing a significant The growth of the region has increased the demand for such entertainment destinations.

About Whitewater

WhiteWater was born in 1980 with one clear goal – to be a place where families come together and create joyful and lasting memories.

We achieve this by working with our clients from concept to completion of award-winning attractions, from slides to water rides and everything in between. Our aim is to inspire our clients to realize their ambitions by unleashing our creativity; we develop solutions that make each park unique. We are committed to making products that operators can rely on because we understand how important reliability and efficiency are to the bottom line.

As a market leader, we attribute our success to our attitude, and over the years we’ve never lost sight of why we’re here—to help parks solve problems, create immersive experiences, and delight visitors around the world.

We are committed to creating places that are fun.


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