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Will Evans to perform at Stonington’s Snow Moon Festival on Saturday | Entertainment

Will Evans to perform at Stonington’s Snow Moon Festival on Saturday | Entertainment

STONINGTON – Will Evans, the intrepid surfer, musician and environmentalist – known for his activism and soothing, heartfelt roots music – will be on Saturday to share songs from his new album “After the Burn Out Sun” at the Snow Moon Music Festival. The velvet factory in Stonington.

He might even tell the story behind his latest song, “All My Relations.”

Evans, who just returned from a tour in Hawaii and California, spoke on the phone Monday night about his new song, new album, his family, the lingering effects of the pandemic, the fickle music industry and the Velvet Mill show, And stressed that he will be on stage with Westerly singer Olivia Charlotte and singer Nick Bosse as well as The Northern Roots and Laden Valley.

“This is the first time I’ve planned a show,” Evans said. “I like making sure local talent is showcased.”

The Snow Moon Festival, sponsored by The Beer’d Brewing Co. and Kindfolk Records, is “an exciting thing to do in mid-February,” he said.

But back to “All My Relationships,” Evans released the song in January, along with a video (available on his website) that in some ways became his new album (slated for release March 3) source of inspiration and is a life-changer.

“All My Relatives” recounts Evans’ near-death experience one winter day while paddling the icy waters of the Wicka Pag, when he is accidentally slammed by a huge wave and loses his footing, his plank— And himself—under water, he didn’t know if he was dead or alive. It’s remarkable how much he made it so shored up.

Evans, the married father of a 3.5-year-old daughter Hazel, said the experience gave him plenty of time to think. He says he finds himself “less reckless” and “more cautious” than ever before, and is learning how to best balance his family and his touring life as a musician.

It took a while for the song to come together, he said.

“I had to put it down for a while,” he said of the scary, emotional memory of “flirting with the other side.”

Eventually, he said, it started to take shape and “sort of came into its own.”

“I put my heart and soul into the new record,” he said.

Evans said he will sell a lot of CDs and other merchandise. Check out Will’s video here:


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