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WORLD NEWS | 1 dead, 25 missing as floods and landslides wreak havoc in eastern Nepal


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Kathmandu [Nepal]June 18 (ANI): At least 25 people are unaccounted for and one confirmed dead in floods and landslides in eastern Nepal as the monsoon sets in.

All incidents in three different districts in eastern Nepal were recorded within 24 hours since Saturday night, according to police.

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Sankhuwasabha, one of the affected districts, which has seen torrential rain since Saturday night, reported 16 missing workers from a hydropower project.

“Sixteen workers of Super Hewakhola hydropower plant have been missing since Saturday night after flooding in Hewakhola. The flood washed away seven houses,” regional police chief Birendra Godar confirmed to ANI over the phone.

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“The body of a worker was found at sea. We are working to identify the deceased,” added Deputy Superintendent Godard.

In Panchthar, at least five people were missing in the flooding incident, while roads to different parts of the area were also cut off, Deputy Police Commissioner Hari Khatiwada confirmed.

In Taplejung, four people are missing after a landslide swept through homes. Police said a search for the missing persons was underway.

Nepal has been recording many disasters triggered by torrential rains, leading to floods, floods and landslides during the monsoon.

Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal directed authorities on Sunday morning to improve search and rescue operations and expressed his sorrow over the reported incidents.

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of property caused by the floods in all regions of the country. Furthermore, I sincerely appeal to the general public for their support in commanding the security services and state services to actively search, rescue and rescue the missing,” the prime minister said in his personal tweeted on his Twitter account.

Earlier this month, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority estimated that 1.25 million citizens would be affected by the monsoon this year. “1.298 million people in 286,998 households are expected to be affected,” the disaster management agency said in its forecast.

It is estimated that 400,000 people will be affected in Madhesi province and 300,000 people in Kosi province. The NDRRMA estimates that 200,000 people will be affected in Lumbini, 100,000 in Bagmati, 147,000 in Sudurpaschim, 69,000 in Gandaki and 35,000 in Karnali. About 2 million people were affected last year.

NDRRMA has also approved an action plan which includes analysis of monsoon-related risks and its impact assessment, as well as involvement of various ministries and related departments, NGOs such as Nepal Red Cross in the management of relief supplies, search, rescue and distribution of relief supplies .

While the Himalayan nation has begun to record loss and destruction as the monsoon arrives, the hydrology and meteorology department is predicting less rainfall in the country during this year’s monsoon.

Maximum temperatures are also expected to be higher than usual due to less rain. Generally, the monsoon enters Nepal in mid-June and remains active in Nepal for about one hundred days.

The monsoon cloud entered Nepal on Wednesday, a day later than the normal date, according to the Weather Forecasting Division of Nepal’s Ministry of Hydrology and Meteorology, the Kathmandu Post reported.

In a special announcement on Wednesday afternoon, the department said: “This year’s monsoon system enters the [Wednesday] Enters Kohi, eastern Madhesi, almost all parts of Bagmati and eastern Gandaki. “

According to the Metropolitan Department, it will take several days for the phenomenon to reach the rest of the country.

Monsoon clouds usually take a week to spread across the country.

The department’s meteorologists said clouds entering the country from the Bay of Bengal led to rain in most of Kohi, eastern Madhesi, Bagmati and Gandaki provinces.

The monsoon season in Nepal generally starts on June 13 and ends on September 23. Last year, the monsoon entered the country on June 5, eight days earlier than the average date, the Kathmandu Post reported. (Arnie)

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