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World News | At least 4 Palestinians killed, 23 wounded in IDF operation in Jenin

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Tel Aviv [Israel]March 17 (ANI): At least four Palestinians were killed and 23 others wounded in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank region, on Thursday, CNN quoted the Palestinian Authority’s health ministry as saying.

Five of the injured are in critical condition, the health ministry said.

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However, Israeli security forces said those eliminated were suspected of terrorism.

Israeli security forces said in a statement that they “subdued two Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group operatives suspected of carrying out major terrorist activities.” The statement added, according to CNN, that a third person “was trying to After attacking the fighter with a crowbar, he was subdued.”

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During the operation, armed men opened fire on the troops, causing casualties.

Hamas announced in a statement that the two Palestinians killed in Jenin were its members, CNN reported.

“The cowardly assassination of two resistance leaders will not go unpunished. The occupation tested us before and we are sure that our response is coming, and the resistance continues until liberation,” Hamas’ statement read.

Hamas, the Palestinian Sunni Islamic fundamentalist, militant and nationalist organization, has taken control of the Gaza Strip by ousting Fatah officials. It has resulted in a change of power and the de facto split of the Palestinian territory into two entities, with the West Bank run by the Palestinian Authority and Gaza run by Hamas.

Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by most Western countries. Recent events have become a vicious cycle of bloodshed between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said 88 Palestinians, including terrorists and civilians, had died since the beginning of the year, according to CNN. (Arnie)

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