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An Inside Look at Billie Eilish’s Scary Performance in ‘The Swarm’

FrWoQhwWYAIf2Dh - Credit: Prime Video

FrWoQhwWYAIf2Dh – Credit: Prime Video

there is nothing like on tv group. This series of super fever dreams, from Atlanta Donald Glover and Jenny Nabors team up to tell the story of Dre (Dominic Fishback, excellent), a tortured young black woman who adores the biggest pop star in the world, Nija — Or at least the one with the most aggressive fanbase, calling herself Swarm and inundating all her online critics with bee emojis.If this all sounds familiar, it should: The collection is directly inspired by Beyoncé and her hiveright down to the talented sister, the security footage of the elevator attack, and black is king– Album with Afrofuturistic visuals.

When Dre’s adopted daughter Marisa (Chloe Bailey, herself a Beyoncé protégé) falls prey to her bisexual boyfriend (Damson Idris), Dre snapped, embarking on a transnational killing spree that saw her dispatch anyone who would tarnish Ni’Jah’s good name with extreme bigotry.Along the way, she meets Rory Culkin, Byron Powers, Kiersey Clemons and paris jackson (Michael’s daughter).

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One of the most eye-opening people she meets on her travels is Eva, a mysterious young woman played by the pop superstar Billie Eilish in her acting debut.

“That’s Carmen Cuban,” Nabors said rolling stone, crediting the discovery to the show’s casting director. “We were looking for an actor for this episode, and she suggested Billie, and I said, ‘Can she act?’ And she said, ‘Yes. ’ I said, ‘What has she been doing? She said, ‘Nothing. ’ But what’s incredible about the process is that you have a lot of people who work on the show who are multi-hyphenated and have a lot of different passions. We tend to lean toward those who wear multiple hats.”

Warning: spoilers to follow…

Eilish appears in episode 4 group, titled “Panicked.” After Dre ate “Nija’s Hannibal Lecter” and bit her at the club (again, sound familiar?), she arrived in Manchester, Tennessee. It’s April 2018 and Del Rey can’t wait to meet her pop icon in Bonnaroo. But she doesn’t have a wristband. A tense run-in with a creepy cop leads her to seek refuge with a group of courting women (mostly white) who shop at Erewhon and buy more than one head-scratching Goop item.

“I find you attractive,” Eva told Dre.

Things start to get creepy on a dawn hike when all the women confide in Dre that they believe Eva has magical healing powers to cure everything from alcoholism to stuttering – with another cult leader, NXIVM Keith Raniere bears a striking resemblance. (These women also have their initials tattooed on their shoulders, as in NXIVM’s sex cult sorority DOS.)

According to co-creator Janine Nabers, Raniere was the inspiration for Eilish’s Eva, and Raniere finally got her punishment at the beginning of the episode.

“When you look at the timing of the show’s story, and the fact that every episode has a true-crime element, that element of episode four is NXIVM,” Nabers explained. “They existed in New York—in Albany—that was the time in our lives when they preyed on women. It was the idea of ​​a cult mentality about a guy who could be your savior, and you’d see that in the music. That It was always part of that episode. We took out Keith Raniere because we really wanted to focus on the women.”

Janine Nabers, Billie Eilish and Donald Glover at the premiere of

Janine Nabers, Billie Eilish and Donald Glover at the premiere of “Swarm” on March 14, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA.

After the hike, Eva summons Dre to a private room under the guise of self-help – only to put her in a situation similar to Grandmaster (No doubt inspired by the Scientology audit).

“I’m going to snap my fingers, and when I snap my fingers, I want you to say your name,” Eva told Dre. “That’s what we call the ‘ground point.’ We’re going to keep adding to your ‘base point,’ so it’s strong — just like you.”

It wasn’t long before Dre’s performance spiraled upwards.She loses trust with the women who confiscated her precious cellphone and cleaned the blood from the backseat of her car, and exacts bloody revenge, running Eva over more than once – but twice – and her car.

When I mentioned this scene to Fishback and Nabers, they both laughed out loud.

“Stunt done! I don’t even have a driver’s license!” Fishback exclaimed. “But the Eva character is essentially self-inflicted. Dre is trying to get away. She wants her phone. She gets into her head without her permission and gets information about her sister that she didn’t give you casually. information, then That? you’re done.it is Exceed

Both Fishback and Nabers were impressed with Eilish’s work ethic and on-set ability, especially given her lack of screen experience.

“She has a lot of respect for the craft. She comes in with an idea, wants to talk about it, is rehearsing the game,” Fishback said. “I think she’s great. I personally like her a lot because of my experience with her on set.”

“She came in and they had really great chemistry,” added Fishback and Eilish’s Nabers. “This show is so powerful to me in terms of women and violence because you usually look at it from such a masculine angle in the history of film and television. To subvert it with this and Billie, it’s fantastic. “

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