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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

world news brief

world news brief

Religious freedom declines in Cuba

Violations of religious liberty in Cuba more than double from 2021 to 2022 Global Christian Unity found it. The report released on Monday recorded 657 breaches in 2022, an “amazing leap” from the 272 reported the previous year. Although its researchers have had to flee the country due to ongoing threats and harassment since the government crackdown began in July 2021. “It is even more important now that governments around the world, especially Cuba’s friends and neighbors in Latin America, have highlighted concerns about Cuba’s history of human rights abuses, including the FoRB,” the report concluded.

Iranian Christian family detained in Turkey

Families of five Iranian Christian asylum seekers (17 persons) in turkey The Church in Chains reported that they were arrested and detained in a “removal center” where they were threatened with deportation. Its partner organization, Christian advocacy group Article 18, has gathered testimonies from families who, in some cases, have been held in camps for more than three months, reportedly with limited access to food, hot water and medicine. under unsanitary conditions. Husbands were reportedly separated from their wives and children and allowed to see them only once a week for 15 minutes.

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