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World News | British engineering graduate charged with stabbing to death Anglo-Indian teen and 2 others


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LONDON, June 16 (PTI) – A 31-year-old man in police custody for questioning over the alleged stabbing death of three people in a Nottingham street, including Anglo-Indian teenager Grace O’Malley Kumar, was charged with three counts of murder on Friday .

Valdo Calocane, who is also charged with three counts of attempted murder of the three victims injured in the attack, will appear at Nottingham Crown Court on Saturday, Nottinghamshire Police said.

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Valdo Amissao Mendes Calocane, a mechanical engineering graduate with dual citizenship of West Africa’s Guinea-Bissau and Portugal and settled in Britain by virtue of his Portuguese citizenship, was tasered and arrested by officers on Tuesday.

The arrests came hours after Calocane is believed to have stabbed University of Nottingham students Grace Kumar and Barnaby Webber, 19, before going on to kill Ian Coates, 65.

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The suspect was then accused of driving Coates’ stolen van into three pedestrians, two of whom are in hospital in stable condition and a third who has since been released.

According to British media reports, Carlo Cane came to the UK with his parents in 2007, and his parents were originally from Guinea-Bissau, an African Portuguese-speaking country.

His father had been living and working in Madeira after he obtained Portuguese citizenship in 2006, before moving to the UK with his wife and three children to obtain settled status as a European Union (EU) national. Locals in the small Welsh town where they live describe the family as hardworking and devout Christians.

Police revealed Thursday that the suspect was a former student at the university attended by the two teenage victims, with Calocane’s name appearing on a list of mechanical engineering students who graduated last year. However, police do not believe his university connections were linked to the killings.

Relatives of those killed expressed moving condolences at an emotional vigil in Nottingham on Thursday night attended by hundreds and urged people in the city not to hold any hatred in their hearts.

Grace O’Malley Kumar, mother of Dr. Sinead O’Malley, an anesthesiologist from Dublin, Ireland, spoke in memory of her daughter, supported by her husband, Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, and her son, James.

“My beautiful baby girl, she is not only beautiful on the outside – you must have seen pictures of her in the media – she is so beautiful on the inside. She is a precious and beloved child,” said Dr. O’Malley.

“There are very few things she wants in life, she wants to be a doctor, she wants to play hockey with her friends, she wants to have fun because that’s what all students want. And, they do It’s just walking home, just walking home after a night out,” she said, tearing up.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman also visited Nottingham to pay her tribute and lay a handwritten wreath reading: “In memory of those who lost their lives, were wounded and all who loved them.

“Our thoughts are with you and everyone in Nottingham,” the Indian-born minister said.

The court gave police more time to question the suspects, and the investigation, supported by counter-terrorism officials, continues, but so far the attack has not been considered terrorism.

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