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World News | Considering stepping down, Mandela’s sacrifice inspires me to continue: South African President Ramaphosa

World News | Considering stepping down, Mandela’s sacrifice inspires me to continue: South African President Ramaphosa

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Johannesburg, 10th February (PTI) South African President Cyril Ramaphosa admitted in his State of the Union address that he considered resigning but was encouraged by the late former President Nelson Mandela’s continued efforts.

In a speech on Thursday night, he cited the many challenges facing the country, including a power supply crisis, unemployment, crime and violence.

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Ramaphosa said there was a voice inside him that made him wonder why he remained in this position amid all the crises facing his government and the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

“This voice always said: ‘Follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, because he made great sacrifices. He didn’t have to do for this country what he did, but he made great sacrifices,'” he said.

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Mandela spent 27 years as a political prisoner in the apartheid government before becoming South Africa’s first democratically elected president.

“That voice always said: Do what you can to make this country great, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. With all the challenges we face, I’m going to call on all of us to do what we can to serve Serve as many South Africans as possible,” Ramaphosa said in closing.

In December, after a day of media frenzy in anticipation of Ramaphosa’s planned resignation, he decided to launch a legal challenge to a report by an independent panel that claimed to have found enough evidence that he may have violated part of the Constitution. Law on Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities.

The report further stated that Ramaphosa may have committed serious misconduct by “exposing himself to situations involving conflicts between his official duties and his private business”.

Earlier this year, incidents at Ramaphosa’s private game farm called Phala Phala made headlines when millions of dollars allegedly hidden in farm furniture were stolen by thieves.

Ramaphosa is said to have failed to report the incident to the proper authorities, and spent months without explaining where the money came from, until he told investigators it was from a sale of the game.

Another issue is that under South African law, individuals are not allowed to hold large amounts of foreign currency without the necessary declarations or permits.

The panel’s report, led by retired Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo, was presented to the Speaker of the National Assembly, clearing the way for possible impeachment action against Ramaphosa.

But Ramaphosa escaped impeachment after a controversial vote in parliament when four senior members refused to stick to the party line.

A week later, Ramaphosa was re-elected as President of the ANC at the party’s 55th National Conference amid sweeping changes in the Top Seven executives of the party.

Analysts generally welcomed the move, saying it was time for Ramaphosa to seize the opportunity to overhaul his cabinet to address the public outcry over corruption within the ANC and the inefficiency of some ministers in reversing the growing crumbling infrastructure such as hospitals problems with roads and public transport.

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